Board of Directors Meeting Minutes August 2017

Reported by Kari Klaboe

Present: Patti Shannon, Lola Johnston, Ken Johnston, Kari Klaboe, Dennis Hocker, Fritz Welss, Kat Smith, Myran Gist, Helga Mahlmann, Gayle Hudson, Alan Throop, Jono Dove

Meeting called to order at 7:01 pm by Vice President – Patti Shannon.

Upcoming Entertainment (Gayle Hudson)


  • September: Photographs of Antarctica by Mike Carter
  • October: [TBD]
  • November: [TBD]
  • December: No General Meeting

Gayle is contacting someone at Backscatter for the November entertainment and she is still in contact with Clay Wiseman and Cal Academy. Please contact Gayle at if you have any requests or suggestions for future entertainment.

Treasurer’s Report (Helga Mahlmann)

  • We have $4,469.56 in our account.
  • CenCal dues for new members to be sent out once Helga can coordinate with Debbie.
  • Recurring Club Fees: The board discussed the possibility of charging recurring annual club fees to our debit card. These fees would include our post office box, website hosting, and Meetup.
    • Motion by Helga Mahlmann to allow recurring annual club fees to be charged to the club debit card. Seconded by Kat Smith. Motion withdrawn by Helga.
    • It was decided by the board that this will need to be addressed by the membership at the next general meeting, as the fees exceed what the board can approve.
    • Alan Throop to present motion at September general meeting.
  • Recurring Payments: Board to present motion for annual club fees at every September membership meeting. [This item is to permanently stay in meeting minutes.]

Membership (Debbie Muth-Driggers – not present)

  • Debbie emailed a Membership update to the Board in advance of the meeting.
  • 79 members: 61 regular members, 8 associate, 10 life
  • Four new members: Deb Tien, Greg Kuftin, Doug Kuenning, and Linda Philips

Director of Training (Dennis Hocker)

  • No specific training on the schedule. Contact Dennis if you want to request training.
  • Bill Chinook mentioned interest in a Rescue course. Ken Johnston, Kat Smith, and Kari Klaboe also communicated interest.

Web Goddess (Lola Johnston)

Website hosting fees will be due soon. Item to be addressed at September general meeting.

Newsletter (Lola Johnston)

Content is due by the 20th, email

Social Media (Gayle Hudson)

Meetup: 56 members, 31 pending

Facebook: 100 members

Special Committees:

Holiday Party: Date for the 2017 holiday party is set: December 9, 2017. La Cabana is confirmed.

  • Dinner tickets worked well last year and we will use them again this year.
  • Alan Throop to draft a list of volunteer tasks and a flyer.


CenCal is moving to a digital newsletter.

Old Business

  • Constitution and Bylaws: We need to coordinate with Helga on what items need to be addressed with finalizing the revisions to the Constitution & Bylaws.
  • Board Retreat: Tentatively scheduled for the second weekend in November.
  • ATDC at Ricky’s Sports Bar: The Board discussed the facilities available to ATDC. Discussion ensued. Pros, cons, and additional thoughts discussed are summarized below.
    • Pros: Several people prefer the food and beverages at Ricky’s over Round Table, several like having a separate room at Ricky’s for meetings, most agreed the staff at Ricky’s are very accommodating and easy to work with, several agreed that those seated in the back of the room at Ricky’s may have a better view of the presentation screen than at Round Table because the room is longer, several agreed they like the larger room and the chairs at Ricky’s;
    • Cons: Several agreed that the room size is much larger than Round Table and may be difficult to fill, most agreed the food at Ricky’s is generally more expensive than Round Table, one person noted that a few club members have mentioned there are not many vegetarian options at Ricky’s;
    • Additional Thoughts: It was noted by one person that turning the tables at August general meeting seemed to help address some of the issues with seating that people have noted. However, one person mentioned that the seating was not comfortable for them.
    • Social at Ricky’s: Alan Throop volunteered to schedule a club social at Ricky’s so that more members can visit the restaurant. The social is tentativley scheduled for October 12.
    • Board Meetings: Motion by Jono Dove to have BOD meetings at Ricky’s for the rest of the year. Seconded by Kat Smith. Motion postponed so that Jono can contact Tina to see about scheduling Board Meetings.

 New Business

  • Club Dives: No August dive, but September will be Kari and October will be Gayle. Kat Smith reminded the Board that a requirement of being a Board Member is to POC two dives. This has not been happening and the responsibility of coordinating club dives has been left to a small subset of the Board.
  • Officer Elections: Kat Smith volunteered to help coordinate the upcoming Officer Elections. Patti Shannon to mention elections at next general meeting.
  • Renee Applegate: The board was extremely sad to hear about Apple’s passing. Bill Chinook proposed that we have a club dive to honor Apple. We will discuss a club dive and other suggestions at the next general meeting.


Upcoming Events


  • August 19: Silver Prince boat dive in Monterey – contact Kat Smith
  • September 2: Club Dive at Breakwater in Monterey – POC Kari Klaboe
  • September 9-12: Channel Islands with VDM – contact Alan Throop
  • September 29: Dive and Camp Gerstle Cove/Salt Point – contact Nancy Gearty
  • October 14: Club Dive at Lover’s Point – POC Gayle Hudson
  • October 21-30: Dumaguete Philippines – contact Dennis Hocker
  • November 11-18: Roatan Island, Honduras – contact Nancy Gearty
  • December 2: Channel Islands Again – contact Nancy Gearty
  • December 9: Club Holiday Party
  • December 21 – Jan 6: 14th consecutive Cozumel Christmas in Mexico trip – POC Dennis Hocker – Divers are welcome to stay for part or all of the trip.



  • Next Membership meeting: September 7, 2017
  • Next BOD meeting:  September 21, 2017

Meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm.