Board of Directors Meeting Minutes September 2017

Reported by Kari Klaboe

Present: Patti Shannon-Hocker, Lola Johnston, Kari Klaboe, Dennis Hocker, Fritz Welss, Kat Smith, Myran Gist, Helga Mahlmann, Gayle Hudson, Alan Throop, Mike Barrett, Sheila Doney, Larry Muth

Meeting called to order at 7:04 pm by Vice President – Patti Shannon-Hocker.

Upcoming Entertainment (Gayle Hudson – not present)


  • October: Bruce Watkins – Diving with California’s Sharks
  • November: Channel Islands with Vaqueros del Mar and the San Jose Flipper Dippers
  • December: No General Meeting


  • January: [TBD]
  • February: Paul Rosenblum – Indonesia

Please contact Gayle at if you have any requests or suggestions for future entertainment.

Treasurer’s Report (Helga Mahlmann)

  • We have $4,726.47 in our account.
  • Helga completed a profit and loss comparison of this year and last year.  Primary membership is up $500 this year.
  • Lola updated the payment for the web hosting so that it is on the club debit card.
  • Recurring Payments: Board to present motion for annual club fees at every September membership meeting. [This item is to permanently stay in meeting minutes.]

Membership (Debbie Muth-Driggers)

  • 85 members: 66 regular members, 9 associate, 10 life
  • A club roster was recently emailed to club members.

Director of Training (Dennis Hocker)

  • No specific training on the schedule. Contact Dennis if you want to request training.
  • With so many new club members coming in, Dennis reminded Board members to welcome new divers and go diving with them.

Web Goddess (Lola Johnston)

Lots of new information coming in. Lola will review updates over the weekend.

Newsletter (Lola Johnston)

Alan commented that VDM club members are going to our website to read our newsletter because of the great content and format — great job Lola! Content is due by the 20th, email

Social Media (Gayle Hudson – not present)

Meetup: 60 members, 9 pending

Facebook: 113 members

Special Committees:

Holiday Party: Date for the 2017 holiday party is set: December 9, 2017. La Cabana is confirmed.

  • Alan drafted flyers for the holiday party and provided a copy to the Board for review. He also circulated a volunteer sign up sheet and is still looking for volunteers to help with the party. Please contact Alan if you are interested in assisting with planning of day-of party activities.
    • Lola to set up the Holiday Party ticket sales on Square.
    • Debbie to make name tags for the party.
  • Ticket costs will be the same as last year.
    • Advanced Tickets: $10/member or significant other, $15/guest, $3/child
    • Day-of: $20/member or significant other, $25/guest, $5/child



Old Business

  • Constitution and Bylaws: In order to finalize our Constitution & Bylaws, Helga needs the cover page signed and dated by the President and Vice President. The date for the document also needs to be updated to the date the club approved the document.
  • Board Retreat: The Board retreat will be November 11 and the location is TBD. The following topics have been proposed by Board members.
    • Club Planning
      • SWOT Analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) – Jono Dove
      • Board and Club Liability: protections and indemnifications in the case of an accident during a club event – Larry Dimitri
    • Communications – Lola Johnston
      • Evergreen Email accounts (BOD updates and how to)
      • Communication expectations between Board Members and volunteers (i.e.: new member name & email for member roster / MailChimp / Meetup, timely information supplied for calendar, entertainment notices and newsletter, etc.)
      • How to post entertainment reports and minutes to website
      • How to send out MailChimp notices
      • How to POC a club dive
      • Dive reports
  • ATDC at Ricky’s Sports Bar: See previous minutes and newsletter for pros and cons discussed regarding moving the meeting location for general meetings.
    • Gayle suggested via email that we vote on moving the general meeting location at the November general meeting. This vote can be announced at the October general meeting. The Board discussed and decided we will be voting on this item at the November meeting.
    • Lola to include Gayle’s write up on Ricky’s in the next newsletter. The following items will be added to Gayle’s write up: 1) the environment is distracting (TVs and decorations) and 2) it is vegetarian friendly as burgers can be ordered as veggie burgers.
  • Officer Elections: Kat has volunteered to spearhead the election process for the Board. Elections will occur at the November general meeting and an announcement was made at the September general meeting.
    • Current officer slate
      • President: Jono Dove
      • Vice President: Patti Shannon-Hocker
      • Treasurer: Helga Mahlmann
      • Secretary: [open]
      • Membership: Larry Dimitri
      • Director of Training: Dennis Hocker. Motion by Mike Barrett to recommend Dennis for the Director of Training. Seconded by Sheila Doney. Motion passed.
    • Lola to send out a MailChimp announcement about officer elections and about open volunteer positions (entertainment chair).
  • Club Dives: Gayle is POC of the October Club Dive. We still are looking for a POC for the November dive. Mention at next meeting that we are looking for a POC for the November club dive.

 New Business

  • Entertainment Chair: Gayle would like to step down from the position at the end of this year and we will need to recruit a new chair.
  • Communications Coordinator: Lola proposed developing a new volunteer position for communications. Responsibilities would be to work with Membership, Entertainment, Newsletter Editor and Web Goddess to create and send club roster, membership renewal notice, entertainment notices, newsletter, etc. via MailChimp and maintain the MailChimp list. Included MailChimp list.
  • Name Tags: Dennis to update name tags.
  • Post Office Box: Alan brought up potentially moving the PO Box to the area. Helga to look into San Lorenzo PO Box.

Upcoming Events


  • September 29: Dive and Camp Gerstle Cove/Salt Point – contact Nancy Gearty
  • October 12: Club Social at Ricky’s Sports Theater and Grill – POC Alan Throop
  • October 14: Club Dive at Lover’s Point – POC Gayle Hudson
  • October 21-30: Dumaguete Philippines – contact Dennis Hocker
  • November 11-18: Roatan Island, Honduras – contact Nancy Gearty
  • December 2-3: Channel Islands Again – contact Nancy Gearty
  • December 9: Club Holiday Party
  • December 21 – Jan 6: 14th consecutive Cozumel Christmas in Mexico trip – POC Dennis Hocker – Divers are welcome to stay for part or all of the trip.



  • Next Membership meeting: October 5, 2017
  • Next BOD meeting:  October, 2017

Meeting adjourned at 8:39 pm.