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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes May 2017

Reported by Kari Klaboe Present: Kari Klaboe, Gayle Hudson, Jono Dove, Dennis Hocker, Myran Gist, Debbie Muth-Driggers, Larry Muth, Jeff Doney, Sheila Doney, Kat Smith, Helga Mahlmann, Mike Barrett, Lola Johnston Upcoming Entertainment (Gayle Hudson) 2017 June: Part Two: The History of Diving & Evolution of ... More

What’s a CenCal?

Carol Rose, CenCal Past President, shares a brief history of Cel Cal and what the organization has done for skin diving, SCUBA and conservation. More

In Memoriam, Ken Schneider

Ken Schneider, an experienced diver and a guest at past Club events, passed away while diving Carmel River Beach on March 9th. More