2018 ATDC Holiday Party

  • Kelsey Family

By Gayle Hudson

Aqua Tutus Diving Club celebrated another year with their annual Holiday Party on December 9 at La Cabana Restaurant in Newark.  Almost 60 Tooters, including family members and our friends from Vaqueros Del Mar Diving Club, enjoyed the evening.

Larry Dimitri and Jono Dove acted as MC and did a great job (some members have offered to help with next year’s jokes) and Dennis helped bartend (he makes a seriously good margarita).  Alan designed a fun icebreaker to start off the evening – a Bingo game with squares people initialed if they fit the description or answered the questions.  The winners were Gladys Delameter, Ruth Chofre, and Lindsey Martin and they got to choose from a box of prizes.

A delicious buffet dinner followed the opening game that included enchiladas, carnitas, beef, chicken, chili rellenos, pozole, and all the trimmings. Helga brought the Christmas cake and a pumpkin pie for dessert.  During dinner, Kari Klaboe acknowledged all the outgoing and incoming Board members.

Following dinner, a raffle was held with a lot of great offerings and a big thank you goes to Debbie Driggers for her organization of the donations, as well as those who stepped up to help her, particularly Mariana Garcia who hawked the raffle tickets so well.  Then it was time for Santa (Larry Muth) to hand out gifts, with Jeff Throop as his elf helper, and Gayle Hudson organizing the gifts.  It was great fun to receive gifts and have photos taken with Santa.

After the raffle, Alan Throop acted as DJ and the dancing began with musical chairs, followed with a medley of rock and roll and then group dances that included the Macarena, a Conga line, and Hokey Pokey.  Kaelyn & Marcus Luebke (Don & Colette Kelsey’s grandchildren) won the dance-off contest and a prize at the end of the evening, although Mariana Garcia, Jono Dove, Dennis Hocker, Sheila Doney, and Jeff Tindall put up a good fight!

It was great to see our VDM friends Bill & Gladys Delameter, Doug & Vicki Bell, and Lindsey Martin, plus Jeff Tindall from Monterey.

The advanced sales, name tags, and ticketing went very well, so thanks to Lola, Helga, DL, and Kat! And thank you to Linda Muth for her photography during the evening; we’ll find a way to post them for members.

Our appreciation goes to Patti and Dennis, who make the arrangements for us to hold our party at La Cabana each year, and Ermilla and her crew do a great job with the buffet and making sure we have everything we need.

Throop Family and Jeff

Patti and Sheila

2018 ATDC Holiday Party 4

2018 ATDC Holiday Party 5

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Tooters near and far!