2019 BMAL Elections

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Are you interested in becoming more involved with the club? Would you like to meet more club members?

Aqua Tutus is looking for members who are interested in getting more involved with the club but maybe not to the extent of running meetings, handling membership, taking meeting minutes, or handling the money. Board Member at Large (BMAL) might be what you’re looking for.

There are three openings available to replace the current BMALs. The term runs from July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020. Nominations open at the May 2 general meeting, then again at the June 7 meeting with election following.

The duties are minimal but play an important role in our club:

  • Interface with members and help greet guests at meetings.
  • Attend club meetings:
    • General Meeting on the 1st Thursday of every month (except December, no meeting).
    • Board of Directors meeting on the 3rd Thursday of every month (except December).
  • Nomination committee for club elections (BMAL in June / Officers in November).
    • Compile slate of nominees and present at the general meeting the month prior to elections.
    • Create ballots and have writing instruments at the meeting for the elections.
    • Count ballots.
  • Plan at least one club dive per year. Be point of contact, post dive on MeetUp, provide info to the Entertainment Chair to include in Upcoming Events/Dives. This does not mean one has to lead the dive, set up buddy teams, or even get in the water.

The best part is becoming a member of the board of directors of the best dive club in the Bay Area and seeing what really goes on at BOD meetings!!

Seriously, we’d love to get some new members on the board to help bring in new ideas to help the club stay fresh and interesting. So, if you’d like to volunteer, contact any board member (see “contact us” on the website), let us know at the general meeting on May 2 either before the meeting starts or when nominations open.