2019 Board of Directors

  • 2019

These officers and volunteers may lead the club, but it takes each of us members to help make it THRIVE and GROW…

by participating in club activities – especially diving, of course – but also to step in to help each other and get involved in the many other activities that we have.

We thank the following people who were elected at the November General Meeting to lead the club for 2019:

  • President: Patti Shannon-Hocker
  • Vice-President: Devin Martinez
  • Secretary: Debbie Driggers & Gayle Hudson
  • Treasurer: Helga Mahlmann**
  • Membership Chair: Kat Smith
  • Director of Training: Dennis Hocker**
  • Entertainment Chair: Jennifer Pechacek
  • Web “Goddess”: Kari Klaboe
  • Social Media Coordinator: Gayle Hudson**
  • Newsletter Editor: Alan Throop**
  • Board Members-at-Large (2018-19)*: Myran Gist, Kat Smith, & “DL” Debra Popplewell


Thanks to the outgoing Board of Directors

We also want to thank the outgoing officers, Board Members, and chairpersons who led the club this past year:

  • President: Kari Klaboe
  • Vice-President: Patti Shannon-Hocker
  • Secretary: Jono Dove
  • Treasurer: Helga Mahlmann
  • Membership Chair: Elizabeth Gilroy
  • Director of Training: Dennis Hocker
  • Entertainment Chair: Gayle Hudson
  • Web “Goddess”: Lola Johnston
  • Social Media Coordinator: Gayle Hudson
  • Newsletter Editor: Lola Johnston & Alan Throop
  • Board Members-at-Large (2017-18)*: Myran Gist, Shelia Doney, Gayle Hudson, & Kat Smith

(** = continued from last year; *= elected in June)