Board of Directors Meeting Minutes June 2017

Reported by Kari Klaboe

Present: Kari Klaboe, Gayle Hudson, Don Kelsey, Jono Dove, Dennis Hocker, Myran Gist, Debbie Muth-Driggers, Larry Muth, Jeff Doney, Sheila Doney, Kat Smith, Helga Mahlmann, Mike Barrett, Lola Johnston, Mike Barrett, Patti Shannon, Lee Smith

Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm by Vice President – Patti Shannon.

Upcoming Entertainment (Gayle Hudson)


  • July: Wakatobi – Larry Muth
  • August: Members Night
  • September or October: Clay Wiseman
  • November: [TBD]
  • December: No General Meeting

Possible Presentations:

  • Deep Reef Diving by California Academy of Science
  • Amos Nahcoum to present about his nonprofit
  • Ocean Geographic would like to present on Arctic diving (contact David Buros)
  • 2017 Monterey Shootout Winners (Helga to provide contact)

Please contact Gayle at if you have any requests or suggestions for future entertainment.

Treasurer’s Report (Helga Mahlmann)

Account Balance: $4,529.04

Membership (Debbie Muth-Driggers)

55 regular members, 7 associate members, and 9 lifetime members

Director of Training (Dennis Hocker)

Open to suggestions for dive topics for upcoming dives.

Web Goddess (Lola Johnston)

Website is current!

Newsletter (Lola Johnston)

  • Members Night announcement to be included in the next newsletter.
  • Content is due by the 20th, email

Social Media (Gayle Hudson)

Meetup: 54 members

Facebook: 88 members

Special Committees:

Holiday Party: Date for the 2017 holiday party is set: December 9, 2017. La Cabana is tentatively confirmed.

Constitution & Bylaws: Membership voted to accept revised documents at June meeting.

  • Secretary (Kari) received the signature page and will scan and share with other board members.
  • Vice President (Patti) to work on formatting of the document.
  • A last minute change was also submitted by Oliver that needs to be tendered to the membership for approval at the next meeting.


No Update

Old Business

Board Retreat: Motion by Jono that the board will hold an annual board retreat for the incoming and outgoing board members to review officer duties, set goals for the coming year for the club, etc. The board will try to hold the retreat the second weekend of November. Seconded by Helga. Motion passed.

Lifetime Member: Jono suggested nominating Apple of Dive Paradise as a Lifetime Member and the board agreed. Dennis will introduce Apple and the suggestion for the lifetime nomination and the next general meeting. Kari to help coordinate nomination and biographical writeup.

New Business

New General Meeting Location: Rik Cederstrom scoped out Ricky’s Sports Bar near the Bayfair BART station and he asked the board to check it out. The board decided to hold the next two board meetings (July and August) at the restaurant to check it out. A small subcommittee will also schedule a social the first Thursday of July to check out the restaurant.

Upcoming Events


  • June 16-18: Salt Point camping weekend – POC Myran Gist; Myran will host a free diving pool practice in a 13 ft. deep pool at Oakland High (Park and 580). It will be held on a Tuesday and Wednesday at 7:30pm. Contact Myran for details.
  • June 24-July 8: Caribbean Explorer II, St. Maarten, Saba, St. Kitts – POC Dennis Hocker
  • July 12: General Meeting date changed to Wednesday, July 12
  • July 29: Club Dive [location TBD] – POC Kat Smith
  • August 18: Silver Prince boat dive in Monterey – POC Kat Smith
  • September 9-12: Channel Islands with VDM – POC Alan Throop
  • November 11-18: Roatan Island, Honduras – Contact Nancy Gearty
  • December 9: Club Holiday Party
  • December 21 – Jan 6: 14th consecutive Cozumel Christmas in Mexico trip – POC Dennis Hocker – Divers are welcome to stay for part or all of the trip.



  • Next Membership meeting: July 6, 2017
  • Next BOD meeting:  July 20, 2017

The General meeting in July will be held on Wednesday, the 12th, with the Board meeting the following week on Thursday, July 20.

Meeting adjourned at 8:14 pm.