Board of Directors Meeting Minutes November 2017

Reported by Kari Klaboe

Present: Patti Shannon-Hocker, Debbie Muth-Driggers, Lola Johnston, Gayle Hudson, Alan Throop, Larry Muth, Mike Barrett, Kari Klaboe, Dennis Hocker, Gary Henry, Elizabeth Gilroy, Neil Benjamin, Helga Mahlmann, Larry Dimitri

Meeting called to order at 7:03 pm by Vice President – Patti Shannon-Hocker.

Upcoming Entertainment (Gayle Hudson)


  • January: (Meeting moved to January 11) Holly Franz – Cocos Island
  • February: Paul Rosenblum – Indonesia: A few of my favorite friends.
  • March: Dennis Hocker – Dive Equipment Maintenance

Please contact Gayle at if you have any requests or suggestions for future entertainment.

Treasurer’s Report (Helga Mahlmann)

  • $5,041.55 in the club account.
  • Recurring Payments: Board to present motion for annual club fees at every September membership meeting. [This item is to permanently stay in meeting minutes.]

Membership (Debbie Muth-Driggers)

89 members

Director of Training (Dennis Hocker)

  • Continue emphasis on encouraging new divers in the club to go diving.
  • Dennis would like to pursue a new diver social.

Web Goddess (Lola Johnston)

Everything is current.

Newsletter (Lola Johnston)

Content is needed for the newsletter. All content is due by the 20th, email .

e-Newsletter: Lola suggested we consider only providing an e-newsletter for the club. This would mean that the downloadable PDF form of the newsletter would no longer be available. This topic was discussed and several concerns were raised.

  • Larry Dimitri said he may have software that can  automatically generate the newsletter and will work with Lola to develop a sample.
  • Alan also offered to help with newsletter tasks.

Social Media (Gayle Hudson)

Meetup: 69 members with 14 pending

  • Significant changes were recently made to Meetup, most significantly Meetup remove the ability for any group member to schedule a Meetup. Now, only select “leadership team members” can schedule group Meetups. Gayle presented a summary of the changes made to Meetup and how they affect the club.
    • Our Meetup renewal is due 12/16/17 and will cost $89.94.
    • Gayle has contacted Meetup and, currently, they do not appear to be concerned with the changes made. However, many user forums suggest that other clubs are having similar issues with the new platform.
    • The Board decided that the club will renew in December and hope that Meetup reverts back to their previous platform by then.
    • Larry Dimitri also offered to develop new functions for our website so that we can schedule all of our events through the website.

Facebook: 118 members

Special Committees:

Holiday Party: Date for the 2017 holiday party is set: December 9, 2017. La Cabana is confirmed.

  • Alan reported on the progress for the party.  Please contact Alan if you are interested in assisting with planning of day-of party activities.
  • Ticket costs will be the same as last year.
    • Advanced Tickets: $10/member or significant other, $15/guest, $3/child
    • Day-of: $20/member or significant other, $25/guest, $5/child



Old Business

  • Club Banner: Alan contacted Crown Trophy for quotes for a club banner. A 3’ x 3’ banner with grommets would cost $60.09. The Board suggested that we add our website information to the banner.
    • Dennis Hocker donated $100 for club banners.
  • Club Insurance: Topic tabled until the January Board Meeting.

 New Business

  • Amazon Smile:  Oliver Edwards got a notification for our Amazon Smile account and he would like the email to be changed to a club board member. The Board agreed that the Treasurer should receive the notifications.
  • Constitution and Bylaws: Patti Shannon-Hocker signed the updated cover page for our Constitution and Bylaws.
  • Officer Transition: Dennis Hocker would like to do an official ceremony at the January general meeting when the new club officers start their positions. Dennis volunteered to be the master of ceremony for the January transition of officers.

Upcoming Events


  • November 18: Club Dive at Breakwater – POC Alan Throop
  • December 2-3: Channel Islands Again – contact Nancy Gearty
  • December 9: Club Holiday Party
  • December 21 – Jan 6: 14th consecutive Cozumel Christmas in Mexico trip – POC Dennis Hocker – Divers are welcome to stay for part or all of the trip.


  • January: TBD – POC Kari Klaboe
  • February: TBD – POC Jono Dove
  • March 17: Club Dive TBD – POC Patti Shannon-Hocker
  • June 28 – July 8: Papua New Guinea – POC Dennis Hocker
  • July: TBD – POC Helga Mahlmann


  • Next Membership meeting: January 11, 2017
  • Next BOD meeting:  January 18, 2017

Meeting adjourned at 9:06 pm.