Board of Directors Meeting Minutes April 2019

Reported by Secretary Gayle Hudson

Meeting called to order by Vice-President Devin Martinez-Shinn at Ricky’s Sports Theatre and Grill in San Leandro, CA at 7:00 pm.

Nine members present.

Treasurer’s Report (Helga Mahlmann)

  • Club Assets: $5,651.33
  • Classes $2,178.21
  • General Fund $3,473.12

Membership (Kat Smith)

  • No report
  • 2019 Dues are due.  Anyone who joined in October will be covered for 2019 dues.

Entertainment (Jenn Pechacek)

Entertainment is fully booked for 2019.

  • May: Carl Rand, Pacific Grove Hyperbaric Chamber; Meg Donat is unable to attend.
  • June: Members Night #1
  • July: Josh Russo, Purple Urchin Removal
  • August: Neil Benjamin, Cavern and Cave Diving
  • September: Chris Eng, Climate Crisis & Impact on Marine Ecology (Al Gore foundation)
  • October: Alison Young, California Academy of Sciences, Citizen Scientists
  • November: Members Night #2
  • December: Holiday Party

Training (Dennis Hocker)

Dennis is scheduling a new Advanced Open Water (AOW) class for the end of August; the ocean dives will be held September 14 and 15. The perquisite is three club dives.  Rescue Diver training will follow AOW in September.  Pre-requisites for Rescue Diver are AOW, CPR/AED, and O2.

Newsletter (Alan Throop)

Contact Alan at if you are not receiving the newsletter. Input must be received by the 20th of the month to be included in the newsletter.

Webmaster (Kari Klaboe)

Content can be sent to

  • Patti read Kari’s report that she is working on Calendar updates (meetings, Alacosta event, etc.), is working with Alan on this month’s Tooter and will post Arnie W’s article on Papua New Guinea.
  • Jenn reported for Kari and Kat the online payment process needs reworking to add another button at the bottom of the page, thus directing the visitor to another page to make payment.  Another option are instructions to scroll back to the top of the page to click on the other tab to pay.

Old Business

The club is working with Ricky’s Sports Theatre and Grill to create a poster identifying our club.

Special Committees

The Holiday Party is scheduled and work will begin in the fall to organize all the details.


No report.

New Business

  • Board Member at Large nominations will take place in May, with the elections in June.  Three BAL members serve on the Board. Patti has written an article for the next Tooter, explaining the duties.
  • Tina at Alacosta Divers is inviting Aqua Tutus to ‘A Virtual Reality Tour of Oceans Around the Globe’ with Steve Mandel of Oceans 360.  It will be held at the OCSC Sailing Club at the Berkeley Marina on Monday, May 6, from 7:30 to 9:30 pm.  A donation of $10.00 is suggested but any amount donated to the Oceans 360 Foundation will be appreciated.
  • Dennis floated the idea of changing the start time of the General Meeting to 7 pm.  Discussion ensued with ideas such as starting the meeting with past dive reports and the Bone Award, followed by Entertainment, and then the business section of the meeting.  Discussion will continue on this proposal.
  • Helga reported that due to poaching of Komodo Dragons, Indonesia is closing Komodo Island next year to tourism.

Upcoming Activities

  • April 27: Club Dive at San Carlos: Snorkel swim/dive to Breakwater, POC Jenn Pechacek
  • April 26-27: SFO Dive and Travel Show in Santa Clara
  • May 4-5: Scuba Show in Long Beach
  • May 18: Club Dive at Copper Roof; POC is Patti Shannon-Hocker with Dennis assisting.
  • June/July Club Dive: The Board discussed dive locations, boats, pricing, etc., for possible venues for these months.
  • June 22-July 6: Chuuk Lagoon 2019. The waiting list is now open as all spots are sold out.
  • August 17: Club Snorkel – Golf Ball Cleanup in shallow water; POC is Gayle Hudson.
  • August 23-25: Club Dive Weekend – Salt Point Campgrounds (reserve your spots!); POC, Debbie Driggers.
  • September 8-10: Channel Islands with Vaqueros Del Mar Diving Club
  • October 12: Full Moon Club Dive at Breakwater; POC is DL Popplewell.
  • Indonesia 2020 – May 8-18 aboard Explorer Adventures Blue Manta – Spaces are still available; POC Dennis Hocker
  • Wakatobi, Indonesia: Larry Muth thinking of putting together a trip if there is interest.
  • July 2021: Dennis is looking into a Bonaire trip.


  • General Membership Meeting is May 2, 2019.
  • Next Board of Directors Meeting is May 16, 2019.

Meeting adjourned at 7:40 pm by Devin Martinez-Shinn.