Board of Directors Meeting Minutes April 2020

Reported by Gayle Hudson, Secretary

Meeting called to order by Devin Martinez-Shinn at 7:10 PM.

Due to the Covid-19 Shelter in Place, the Board held the meeting via Zoom.

Members Present: 11

Guests: Larry Dimitri

Approval of February Minutes – passed unanimously.

Approved March Minutes – passed unanimously.


Treasurer’s Report – Helga Mahlmann

  • Club Assets: $2,778.21
  • Classes: $3,516.19
  • General: $6,294.40

Entertainment – Lori Naslund

  • May 7: Dan Schwartz: Macro Photography in California & Indo Pacific (to be rescheduled)
  • June 4: Members Night (to be rescheduled)
  • July 2: Bill and Mari Conaway; Indonesia (cancelled)
  • August 6: Liz Cunningham – (to be rescheduled)
  • September: Jim Steele

Membership – Kat Smith

No Report

Training – Dennis Hocker

Due to the shelter in place order, there will be no training before the middle of June, at best.

Contact Dennis Hocker at 510-792-5606 or Neil Benjamin at 510-673-0073 to sign up for training.

Newsletter – Alan Throop – absent

Contact Alan at if you are not receiving the newsletter. Input must be received by the 20th of the month to be included in the newsletter.

Website – Kari Klaboe

  • Kari is troubleshooting some problems she is having with InMotion.  Kari and Kat have been working with Larry so he can see the platform we have been using.
  • The website is up to date. If anyone is having trouble getting the MailChimp newsletter, please let Kari know.

Special Committee

Larry will have an update by the next Board meeting on the application.

Old Business

  • Holiday Party: Alan requested the party be held on December 12.  Patti says La Cabana is closed, even for takeout, and she is concerned they might not reopen.  About 65 members on the average attend the party and we may need to look at a new location.
  • Volunteering: Gayle will talk to her neighbor who has resources regarding volunteers in non-profits.
  • How to get more experienced divers to help less experienced divers: Devin is working on ideas and would like to revisit it after Covid-19 is no longer a issue and revisit it again

New Business

  • There is interest in a Zoom General meeting, which would cost about $15.00.  Devin asked if Dan Schwartz could present to the general membership and Jono said that could work; Neil may also present. Jono will talk to Alan about Dan Schwartz.  Jono moved that we spend $15, Kari seconded.  Discussion followed and the motion passed unanimously.

Upcoming Dives and Activities

Jono recommends that before we reopen club activities, we confirm the Pacific Grove Hyperbaric Chamber is open again; they have closed with the shelter in place.  The next closest chamber is John Muir in Walnut Creek.

  • June 13: Club Dive at Monastery with Entries and Exits practice. POC is Dennis.
  • July 18: Club Dive at Jade Cove. POC is Devin Martinez-Shinn.
  • July 18: Cleanup Beach and Dive with Monterey Bay Sea Otters Dive Club. POC is Alan Throop.
  • August 29: Club Dive at Lake Tahoe at Sand Harbor. POC is DL Poppelwell.
  • September 26: Club Dive for Ocean Cleanup Day at San Carlos. POC is Gayle Hudson. We will team up with Monterey Bay Sea Otters Diving Club.
  • October: Club Dive TBD.
  • November 13-15: Multiple Club Dives (Monterey, PG, Pt. Lobos). POC is Kat Smith.
  • June 26-July 10, 2021: Bonaire with Dennis.

Comments and Announcements

  • Larry signed up for a virtual course – SSI Physics of Diving.  He would like to send this information it to the members of the club.  Devin says outside of the newsletter this may be a concern.  Kat doesn’t feel it would be appropriate to send a MailChimp at this time. Devin said MailChimp or our FB page would be a good place to share this information.
  • Patti reminded the Board that June is BAL elections.
  • Patti said we should consider looking at other locations in case we cannot continue to meet at Ricky’s.  Gayle said she will reach out to Tina at Ricky’s and check in with her.  This discussion was tabled for the May Board meeting.

The May 7 General Meeting is cancelled.

The next Board Meeting date is May 21, 2020

The meeting was adjourned at 7:56 PM.