Board of Directors Meeting Minutes August 2020

Reported by Gayle Hudson, Secretary

Meeting called to order by Devin Martinez-Shinn at 7:09 PM.

Due to the Covid-19 Shelter in Place, the Board held the meeting via Zoom.

  • Members Present: six board members and three guests
  • Guests: Larry Dimitri, Linda Philips, Arnie Warshawsky
  • Approval of July Board Minutes: The Minutes were unanimously approved.


Treasurer’s Report – Helga Mahlmann

  • Classes: $2,778.21
  • General: $3,491.60
  • Club Assets: $6,269.81
  • The phone number linked with the provided Zoom address did not work so Gayle bought a one-month Zoom membership to make the meeting available to those who call in. DL made a motion the club reimburse Gayle for $14.99, Helga seconded it, and the motion passed unanimously. Gayle then made a motion the club buy their own membership for $14.99 per month until ATDC can once again meet in person. Helga seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.  The email address associated with the account will be

Entertainment – Alan Throop

  • September 24: Natasha Benjamin, speaking about deep-sea UW ROVs.
  • October 1: Stephen Palumbi, professor of marine biology at Stanford University’s Hopkins Marine Station.
  • November 5: Members Night
  • December 3: Since no Holiday Party can be held this year, we will have a meeting and special presenter in Mary Snyderman, a well-known UW photographer, educator, and writer.
  • Alan and Linda are working on more presenters.

Membership – Reported by Helga Mahlmann

  • Nine Associates, eight Lifetime, 77 Regular, and one Student for a total of 95 members.

Training – Dennis Hocker

  • Dennis will schedule training when we are cleared to dive again.  Hands-on and academics are done in person, which is not possible during COVID-19.  He added that, while members wait for training, it’s a great time for divers attend Club dives for practice and skill building.
  • Contact Dennis Hocker at 510-792-5606 or Neil Benjamin at 510-673-0073 to sign up for training when it can be resumed.

Newsletter – Alan Throop

  • Input for the Tooter is needed and Arnie is writing another article.
  • Contact Alan at if you are not receiving the newsletter. Input must be received by the 20th of the month to be included in the newsletter.

Website – Helga for Kari Klaboe

  • There have been a few issues with our email accounts recently and Kari has worked individually with people to address those issues.  InMotion has been very helpful in troubleshooting problems. Please email Kari directly at if there are problems with an account. Helga reported her Treasurer email had been hacked.
  • The annual fee for email and website hosting through InMotion is due. The annual subscription and backup manager are $155.88 and will automatically bill to the club credit card in September. A motion was made and seconded, and the motion passed unanimously to pay the bill.
  • If anyone is having trouble getting the MailChimp newsletter, please let Kari know at

Old Business


New Business

Decision to Proceed with Club Membership System – Committee

  • The committee has been meeting with Larry to provide input for his design of a system that will replace our Membership roster.  Eventually the system can also replace Meetup and become our overall website.  Larry would charge about $200 annually to cover email and texting fees that he would incur but is not charging for his labor to design the system.
  • Alan made a motion we accept the Membership system and have Larry move forward with development, adding Larry will also need the most recent member roster released to him in order to load the system.  Helga seconded the motion.  Dennis asked who would own the system and Larry responded he owns the system and it will reside on his server with his other clients’ systems.  He assured the Board the system would continue for a long time if anything were to happen to him, but we’d have more control over changes, etc., than we currently have with Meetup. The system is designed to alleviate the Board of their current load of paperwork and tasks and the Board can check anytime for membership numbers, dues paid, etc. Our member roster would always be up to date as members would input their own information and can set their own privacy preferences; this would give members the ability to easily communicate with each other.  Gayle said if the Board decides they don’t like the system, we can always go back to what we are doing now and nothing will have been lost.
  • A vote was taken and the motion passed unanimously.  Alan asked when the first-phase of the system will be rolled out to members and Larry said mostly likely in a couple of weeks.  Alan said there are a lot of features that will be added following the first-phase release (event scheduling, etc).  He asked if the Board is comfortable allowing the committee to make those decisions and the Board agreed.

Clarification on Scheduling and Announcing Club Dives with Other Dives

  • Gayle requested this item be tabled to September.

Upcoming Dives and Activities

[all subject to Shelter-in-Place]
  • September 26: Club Dive at Coral Street.  POC is Dennis
  • October TBD: Club Dive.  POC is Linda Phillips with assist from Alan.
  • November 13-15: Multiple Club Dives (Monterey, PG, Pt. Lobos). POC is Kat Smith.
  • June 26-July 10, 2021: Bonaire with Dennis.  There is a space available.
  • August 20-30: Diving in Indonesia. POC: Dennis. See ad in newsletter.

Comments and Announcements

  • Board Member-at-Large Vacancy: Gayle made a motion that, since Chuck Harlins has been unable to attend Board meetings, we allow that position to become vacant (which is allowed under the club Constitution and By Laws).  Alan seconded the motion.  The Board voted unanimously to open this position and Arnie Warshawsky was election to the Board as a BAL member.
  • Kari reported to Helga that we do not currently have a Social Media contact for the club.  When Kat Smith stepped down, her emails for Membership forwarded to Jono and her Social Media emails were forwarded to Kari; a long-term plan is needed.  It was decided that, since the new Membership System is in progress and a replacement for Meetup is being developed, it would be best to wait until this fall to see how the system changes these two positions before we assign these emails to someone else.
  • Gayle asked if monthly General Club Meetings could resume in Zoom.  Discussion ensued and it was agreed we should be holding General Meetings and run our usual Agenda.  The new Membership System will be discussed September 3, along with open spots on the Board.
  • At the October 1 meeting, we will be recruiting members to run for Board positions and elections will be held November 5.  Linda has a background in websites and graphics and is interested in Webmaster.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:53 PM.

Next Meetings

  • The General Meeting is September 3.
  • A Special Meeting is September 24 with Presenter Natasha Benjamin.
  • The next Board of Directors meeting is September 17, 2020.