Board of Directors Meeting Minutes February 2020

Reported by Gayle Hudson, Secretary

Meeting called to order by Vice-President Devin Martinez-Shinn at Ricky’s Sports Theatre and Grill in San Leandro, CA at 7 PM.

Members Present: 13

Treasurer’s Report – Helga Mahlmann

  • Club Assets: $5,954.13
  • Classes: $2,778.21
  • General: $3,175.92

Entertainment – Lori Naslund

  • March 5: Brent Durand: Behind the Camera – Underwater Photos in California
  • April 2: Oran Arms: Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles
  • May 7: Dan Schwartz: Macro Photography in California & Indo Pacific
  • June 4: Members Night
  • July 2: Bill and Mari Conaway; Indonesia
  • August 6: Liz Cunningham

Membership – Kat Smith

  • As of January 15; three Associate, nine Lifetime, 33 Regular and one student have paid their dues.  Kat said the members need to fill out the 2020 liability waiver; every year it needs to be renewed.  Waivers are signed online under the Become a Member section, through DocuSign and stored in the cloud. No paper waivers are accepted.
  • Angela Boltinghouse said she heard that multiple people come to a number of meetings but don’t join the club.  Some feel that an important benefit to joining the club is Meetup, but that they don’t receive contact information for other members for the purpose of carpooling to events, arranging dives, etc.  Angela suggested potential members sign up for a ‘pass’ to go on a dive, which would mean they would sign a waiver.  The discussion of waivers continued under New Business.

Training – Dennis Hocker

  • AOW is finishing up and some members have approached Dennis for Rescue Diver; he has not heard from most of them so he will announce a date to determine interest.
  • Devin said there is interest in free diving and Dennis said if there is an interest, he would offer the training.
  • Contact Dennis Hocker at 510-792-5606 or Neil Benjamin at 510-673-0073  to sign up for training.

Newsletter – Alan Throop

The newsletter is ready for distribution.  Contact Alan at if you are not receiving the newsletter. Input must be received by the 20th of the month to be included in the newsletter.

Website – Kari Klaboe

Kari said, following Dennis’ suggestion, she is changing our banner from We Teach Water Safety to We Promote Water Safety.   She’s combing through the website looking for language that needs to be updated to reflect who we are now as a club.  Let Kari know if you’re interested in helping with the website updates.  Helga will join the update Committee to work with Kari on this project.


None.  They still need people to serve on their Board.

Special Committee

A new Website committee to update the Website has formed with Kari and Helga.

Old Business


New Business

  • Kat asked that a New Business item be added to the March Agenda:  The challenge of getting people to volunteer.
  • Devin asked that a New Business item be added to the March Agenda:  How to get more experienced divers to help less experienced divers.
  • Coordination of Upcoming Club Events – Kari Klaboe
    • Kari says members find it confusing to follow events when they appear on several platforms.  She suggests that when she transmits the newsletter at the end of the month, in a MailChimp email that is sent to members only, she list out all the events at the bottom of the email with links that go to Meetup.
  • Dive Waivers
    • Angela Boltinghouse was POC for Lovers Point Club Dive.  DL said a non-member wanted to join the dive and was told they should dive to their comfort and safety level and wouldn’t need a waiver. Angela got push back from members who were not comfortable with a non-member diving without a waiver. A long discussion on Meetup ensued and the thread was taken down with the request that members contact the Board or bring up the issue at a General meeting.
    • Dennis says the club constitution states the club is by members for members, to help promote the general public’s knowledge of safe diving.  Dive boat operators, urchin removals, underwater cleanup events all have inherent liability so they ask for waivers.
    • Jono announced at the last General meeting that we get together to go diving and Dennis said we are not there to police the beach, ask for certification cards, or assign buddy teams. Everyone determines their own buddy team and, hopefully, they have a certification but it doesn’t matter if they don’t.
    • A lengthy discussion about the pros and cons of dive waivers ensued.
    • It was decided that Kat will turn off the option in Meetup RSVP to bring a guest.  Members will RSVP only for themselves.
    •  Kari said she will post minimal club activity on the website, showing only the day and a general location with a link to Meetup, where the details can be found.
    • Dennis will review at the General meeting what members should do when asked to dive with a non-member or someone the club doesn’t know.  The role of the POC will also be explained, which is limited to organizing the dive and coordinating the details and does not include assigning buddy teams or diving with people they don’t know.
    •  Club membership benefits were reviewed, which include monthly entertainment/speakers (for which the club pays a stipend and buys their dinner), the newsletter, lower cost certifications, the Christmas party, etc.  Most of all, memberships keep Aqua Tutus viable.
  • Student Diver
    • Kat asked clarification for a 16-year-old diver who wants to join ATDC. Previously we clarified that those with a junior certification are required to dive with an adult certified scuba diver (18 or over) and we can’t guarantee one will be at the event.  Parents have to have someone identified who will dive with their child.
  • Meetup
    • Due to what happened on Meetup, Kat proposed the idea for a Code of Conduct.  Discussion ensued.  It was determined there is no one to organize this idea or follow up.  Devin said members can contact him or anyone on the Board if they have any issues with a member’s conduct.

Upcoming Dives and Activities

  • March 21: Club Dive: Golf Ball Cleanup at Pebble Beach. POC is Gayle Hudson.
  • April 18: Club Dive at Point Lobos. POC is Kat Smith.
  • April 18: Cleanup Beach and Dive with Monterey Bay Sea Otters Dive Club. POC is Alan Throop.
  • May 8-18, 2020: Indonesia. Dennis is POC.  Check with Dennis Hocker for availability.
  • May: Local Club Dive TBD.
  • June 13: Club Dive at Monastery with Entries and Exits practice. POC is Dennis.
  • July 18: Club Dive at Jade Cove. POC is Devin Martinez-Shinn.
  • July 18: Cleanup Beach and Dive with Monterey Bay Sea Otters Dive Club. POC is Alan Throop.
  • August: Club Dive at Lake Tahoe. POC is DL Poppelwell.
  • September 26: Club Dive for Ocean Cleanup Day at San Carlos. POC is Gayle Hudson. We will team up with Monterey Bay Sea Otters Diving Club.
  • October: Club Dive TBD.
  • November 13-15: Multiple Club Dives. POC is Kat Smith.
  • June 26-July 10, 2021: Bonaire with Dennis.

Next General Meeting date is March 5, 2020

Next Board Meeting date is March 19, 2020

The meeting was adjourned at 8:39 PM.