Board of Directors Meeting Minutes January 2019 

Reported by Secretary Gayle Hudson

Meeting called to order by Vice-President Devin Martinez at Ricky’s Sports Bar and Grill in San Leandro, CA at 7:07 pm.

12 members present, including member guest Chuck Harlins.

Treasurer’s Report (Helga Mahlmann)

  • Club Assets: $4,757.70
  • Classes: $2,178.21
  • General Fund: $2,304.49
  • For filing with the State, Helga said she will be listing Patti as President, Devin as Vice-President, and Gayle as Secretary.

Entertainment (Jenn Pechacek)

  • March: Mike Boom, “Diving the Philippines”
  • April: Marc Shargel, UW photographer, NorCal
  • May: Meg Donat, Pacific Grove Hyperbaric Chamber
  • June: Members Night
  • July: TBD
  • TBD: Member’s Night 2

Jennifer and Alan asked for volunteers to help with Entertainment write-ups when Jenn is running the laptop for the presenters.  Gayle offered to cover March and Gayle and Helga will cover May.  Helga suggested, as is done at NCUPS, we ask presenters if they would like to write their own articles for the newsletter.  Jenn and Alan will ask the March and April presenters if they would like to do this.  It was also suggested a pointer/clicker be purchased so presenters can advance their own slides when using the club laptop.

Membership (Kat Smith)

  • 2019 Dues are due.  Anyone who joined in October will be covered for 2019 dues. 
  • Kat reported two Associates, 13 Regular, and nine Lifetime members are paid for 2019. 

Training (Dennis Hocker)

Rescue Diver and AOW will be offered if there is further interest.  There is potential interest in skin diving on North Coast.

Newsletter (Alan Throop)

Contact Alan at if you are not receiving the newsletter.  Input must be received by the 20th of the month to be included in the newsletter.  Alan requested photos from the Cozumel trip to include in the newsletter.

Webmaster (Kari Klaboe)

  • Content can be sent to Kari can post documents to Google Drive for us to share, and be sure to unshare from Elizabeth Gilroy’s 2018 Membership list. 
  • Kari is going to work with Jenn and her friend on API integration and asked if evergreen email is working for everyone. 

Social Media (Gayle Hudson)

  • Facebook, with approval, is open to public participation.  Gayle posted an article from NPR about Alex Weber’s discovery of thousands of golf balls underwater, generated by five area golf courses.  Discussion ensued about scheduling a clean-up dive.
  • Meetup: 84 members and seven potential members pending.

Special Committees

  • Holiday Party close out:  Alan is working on sharing Santa photos for everyone to download.  Helga needs a list from Debbie Driggers of all the donations so she can send letters for tax purposes.  Alan asked that December 07, 2019 be noted for this year’s Holiday Party.  Patti reported El Cabana was sold after the Holiday Party and she and Dennis have met the new owners who welcome us to continue at the restaurant with our Holiday Party. She will schedule a social at El Cabana for everyone interested to try out the new menu and changes to the restaurant.
  • Purple Urchin Event: Conditions did not permit urchin collection last weekend so Van Damme Part 2 has been rescheduled for March 9-10.


No report.


  • Alan mentioned that California Diving News has still not updated our listing with our club’s new location and information.  Devin offered to contact them.  Kat said she would like to send an email to former members to check in with them and make sure they know our new location.
  • Our PO Box has moved from Pleasanton to Castro Valley.  Helga has a key and Gayle will regularly check mail.
  • One Member at Large position is open and Chuck offered to volunteer.  Chuck was warmly welcomed to the Board.
  • The Board discussed options for recruiting new divers, perhaps through Oakland High School’s pool and Jim Steele.

Some goals from November’s Board Retreat were discussed:

  • Patti is actively inviting two members to join monthly BOD meetings. 
  • Past Secretaries need to ensure club Rules, Policies, and Procedures have been updated with motions from 2017 and 2018.
  • Roles and Responsibilities need updating.
  • Reach out to members to lead specific dives, like the annual snorkel dive along Cannery Row and navigation skills.
  • Detail Meetups with what to expect with entries, exits, stairs, and other physical challenges.
  • Create an Instructor Group by setting up session for those interested in becoming a DM/instructor.  Discussion ensued and this topic was tabled for further input.
  • Determine liability for skin diving with rocks and entries/exits: Dennis believes he can do this with no liability issues but will confirm.




  • January 19: Club Night Dive at Breakwater, POC DL Popplewell
  • February 23: Club Dive at Lovers 1, POC Kari Klaboe
  • March 9-10: Urchin Removal Event at Van Damme, POC DL Popplewell
  • March 23: Club Dive at Coral Street or McAbee Beach, POC Kat Smith
  • April 26-27: SFO Dive and Travel Show in Santa Clara
  • May 4-5: Scuba Show in Long Beach
  • June 22-July 6: Chuuk Lagoon 2019. The waiting list is now open as all spots are sold out.
  • August 24-25: Club Dive Weekend – Salt Point Campgrounds (reserve your spots!); POC, Muth-Drigger family
  • Wakatobi, Indonesia: Larry Muth thinking of putting together a trip if there is interest.
  • July 2021: Dennis is looking into a Bonaire trip.


Next General Membership Meeting is February 7, 2019.

Next Board of Directors Meeting is February 21, 2019.

Meeting adjourned at 8:47 pm by Devin Martinez.