Board of Directors Meeting Minutes July 2020

Reported by Gayle Hudson, Secretary

Meeting called to order by Devin Martinez-Shinn at 7:08 PM.

  • Due to the Covid-19 Shelter in Place, the Board held the meeting via Zoom.
    • Members Present: 9
    • Guests: Larry Dimitri
  • Approval of May and June Board Minutes: The Minutes were unanimously approved.


Treasurer’s Report – Helga Mahlmann

  • Classes: $2,278.21
  • General: $3,983.06
  • Club Assets: $6,261.27

Entertainment – Alan Throop

  • Dan Schwartz is confirmed for a Special Meeting via Zoom on July 23.  Dan, Alan, and Linda Phillips walked through the Zoom presentation for the meeting and Linda created the background.  Alan encourages members to check out Dan’s photography at his Instagram page: aquaterraphotos
  • Alan will try to schedule Liz Cunningham as a future presenter; Kari suggested Arnie Warshawsky, and Gayle suggested Bruce Watkins.

Membership – Reported by Helga Mahlmann

  • Nine Associates, Nine Lifetime, 74 Regular, and one Student for a total of 93 members.

Training – Dennis Hocker

  • Dennis will schedule training when we are cleared to dive again.  Larry asked if Nitrox training could be done via Zoom?  Dennis replied academics are done online but hands-on is in person and COVID-19 numbers go up as people are together.  Two members have begun e-learning for EAN certifications.
  • Contact Dennis Hocker at 510-792-5606 or Neil Benjamin at 510-673-0073 to sign up for training when it can be resumed.

Newsletter – Alan Throop

  • The newsletter will go out August 2.
  • Contact Alan at if you are not receiving the newsletter. Input must be received by the 20th of the month to be included in the newsletter.

Website – Kari Klaboe

  • Kari is streamlining the newsletter to just show our logo and then a download button for the PDF.  Discussion ensued as to how many members look at the newsletter on the website compared to how many download the PDF, but the latter seems to be the preferred version.
  • If anyone is having trouble getting the MailChimp newsletter, please let Kari know at

 Special Committee

  • Redesign of Membership and Meetup (Larry Dimitri): Larry is working on the replacement for Meetup and Events, then will work on Membership.  Everyone will have a login so information can be stored and Larry would like to see a photo for each person’s profile.  This system will allow members to contact each other but not reveal email addresses, etc., so as to maintain privacy.  Larry is hoping to get something out to the Board next week.

Old Business

  • How to Notify Membership of Important Announcements (tabled from June – Alan Throop): If notifications are sent by Mail Chimp, members may complain of spam, unsubscribe and, therefore, lose access to the newsletter.  Discussion ensued as to the appropriate use of the email list.  Meetup and Facebook can be used for these purposes and Alan asked for a roadmap as to the appropriate announcement options; Jono said he would send out a draft.  Until Larry’s system is established, Mailchimp will be used for the newsletter and special meetings, Meetup for announcements, and Facebook for everything else.

New Business

  • Clarification on Scheduling and Announcing Club Dives with Other Dives (Gayle Hudson): Gayle asked why we cannot schedule an event in Meetup on the same day at a Club Dive.  Case in point: the July Jade Cove Club Dive was a three-hour drive with strenuous access to the cove and, on the same day, Monterey Bay Sea Otters Diving Club [MBSO] invited us to a Breakwater Cleanup Dive.  Jono explained the Board decided on this policy [at the March 2020 meeting] so members won’t be confused as to which event is the Club Dive, as some members in the past have been confused with events on the same day.  Gayle said if we want members to dive, we need to give them options at all skill levels, and also some destinations (like Lake Tahoe and the North Coast) involve an overnight.  In addition, the July Club Dive was cancelled, while the MBSO was local and still held.  The discussion was tabled.

Upcoming Dives and Activities

(All subject to Shelter-in-Place)

  • August 14-16: Club weekend camp/dive at Salt Point (no potluck). POC is Debbie Driggers.
  • September 26: Club Dive for Ocean Cleanup Day at San Carlos. POC is Gayle Hudson. We will team up with Monterey Bay Sea Otters Diving Club.
  • October: Club Dive TBD.
  • November 13-15: Multiple Club Dives (Monterey, PG, Pt. Lobos). POC is Kat Smith.
  • June 26-July 10, 2021: Bonaire with Dennis.
  • August 20-30: Diving in Indonesia. POC: Dennis. See ad in newsletter.

Comments and Announcements

  • Dennis asked for a roster to be distributed and the discussion was tabled.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:53 PM.


Upcoming Meetings

  • Special Meeting via Zoom with Dan Schwartz, July 23
  • General Meeting, August 6, is CANCELLED
  • Next Board of Directors Meeting is August 20