Board of Directors Meeting Minutes October 2016

Reported by Kari Klaboe

Present: Myran Gist, Patti Shannon, Mike Barrett, Larry Muth, Kat Smith, Kari Klaboe, Helga Mahlmann, Gayle Hudson, Jono Dove, Maria Johnston, Sheila Doney, Jeff Doney, Alan Throop, Fritz W., Don Kelsey

Meeting called to order at 7:01 pm by Vice President – Jono Dove.

Treasurer’s Report (Helga Mahlmann)

  • Account Balance: $3,639.63 – $1500 reserved for classes
  • Bills: $12.95 website expenses for Patti Shannon

Up-Coming Entertainment (Gayle Hudson)


  • Nov: Turks & Caicos – Larry Muth
  • Dec: No General Meeting


  • Jan: Bangka Island, Indonesia – Ben Tetzner
  • Feb: Channel Islands Confidential: Under the Kelp Canopy – Mike Bloom
  • Mar: TBD
  • Apr: Little Cayman Island and Raja Ampat – Bill and Mary

Entertainment for 2017 was announced. Additionally, Gayle is working on coordinating a presentation by the California Academy of Science deep divers.

Membership (Bernhard Sterling – not present)

  • No update

Director of Training (Dennis Hocker – not present)

  • Advanced Open Water: Tentatively planned for November 5; however, they are waiting on the new training manuals being developed by PADI.

Webgoddess (Maria Johnston)

  • Created Evergreen email accounts for all Board Members. Please check your Aqua Tutus email account for communications with Maria.
  • Set up view access for Board Members for the new WordPress club website. Board Members are requested to review the website and provide timely feedback.
    • Board Members are requested to provide a head shot for the club website.
    • Maria needs content for our “Frequently Asked Questions” page on the new website.
    • All club forms, except for training, are available on our website, which includes:
      • New Member Form
      • Dive Tag Request
    • It was decided that the Past President club email account will be optional, meaning previous presidents can opt out of receiving email club-related email communication.

Social Media (Gayle Hudson)

  • YouTube club channel created. Lee provided our first video and is planning on providing more.
  • Maria to help with making our Meetup, Facebook and YouTube “look” consistent.

Newsletter (Don Kelsey)

  • Newsletter to come out this month!

Special Committee

Holiday Party: Date – December 10, 2016.

  • Board voted on the cost structure for the 2016 club holiday party. Like last year, the club will pre-sell tickets at a reduced cost. A cut-off date for advance ticket sales will be set to provide an estimate of party attendees to La Cabana. The cost structure for 2016 will be:
    • Member Ticket: Advance $10, Day Of $20
    • Guest Ticket: Advance $15, Day Of $20
    • Child Ticket (10 & under): Advance $3, Day Of $5
  • Ticket Presales: Helga to update Square with new ticket prices and provide Don a website link for the announcement in the newsletter.
  • Ticket Presales: Board decided to send out an email to previous party attendees about advance ticket sales.
  • Alan presented an initial timeline for party activities:
    • Starts at 6:30 PM for drinks
    • Dinner at 7:30 PM
    • Program to be developed by Alan and presented at next Board meeting.
  • Board voted to provide dinner tickets at club party to help better control issues with food distribution.
    • Jeff Doney volunteered to collect dinner tickets during the party.
    • Kari Klaboe volunteered to make the dinner tickets.
  • Raffle – Debbie Driggers is coordinating raffle prices for the party. Please contact Debbie if you are interested in helping. The Board made the following decisions related to the party raffle:
    • Need not be present to win.
    • Raffle money to be donated to the Pacific Grove Chamber.

Constitution and Bylaws

  • Don sent out language for the Director of Training write up for our Constitution. No feedback was provided by Board Members, so the write up will be inserted into our amended Constitution and Bylaws. The amended documents will be reviewed by the Board and then provided to the club for voting. Changes in the amended documents will be tracked and noted.
  • Document repository for club documents [in progress – Jim Driggers]


[no update]

Old Business

  • [no update] Dive Tags
  • [no update] Bank Signatories: Club bank signature cards will be updated in January after 2017 elections.
  • [no update] Debit Card: Greg Gleeson to removed from club account after bank signature cards are updated.
  • [no action required] Round Table: Need to reserve banquet room for 2017 meetings.
  • Entertainment Laptop: Helga to register for TechSoup and club to purchase Office Suite for laptop.

New Business

  • Bylaws Amendment: Motion proposed by Gayle Hudson – Amend Bylaws for Social Media, Entertainment, and Website so those volunteer coordinators are voting members for the Board. Second: Mike Barrett. Vote Passed
    • Don to amend Bylaws to “All volunteer coordinators, except for the Holiday Coordinator, will be voting members of the Board.
  • John Petrash, Lifetime Aqua Tutus Member: Alan Throop announced the unfortunate passing of John Petrash, who was a Lifetime AT member and great friend to the club. A celebration of life will take place on November 19 in Berkeley.
  • General Meeting Room Capacity: Alan Throop noted that at the October general meeting, a few people were sitting outside of the room because there were not enough seats available. Board members are requested to help organizing room seating ahead of general meetings to ensure there are enough seats for everyone.
    • Board members also to investigate venues for club meetings in 2018 and provide a summary of estimated costs. There are no immediate plans to change our club meeting location, this task is looking at addressing potential future growth of the club.
  • Membership Fee Structure: Mike Barrett, President, noted we will need to vote on our 2017 membership fee structure soon. Currently it is $40/Member, $10/Associate, and $25/Student.
    • Don to add a notice in the newsletter about membership dues for next year.
  • CenCal: Gayle Hudson proposed the club reevaluating language on the membership form requesting new members to “opt out” of CenCal support, rather than requesting them to “opt in.” Board members discussed the pros and cons to supporting CenCal and decided the following:
    • Kari Klaboe to research CenCal and update CenCal informational handouts for club and provide Maria with website content.
    • Don suggested and other members agreed that we recommend a CenCal representative attend a club meeting and provide an update on the organization. Helga to coordinate with CenCal.
  • Membership: Mike Barrett had a new item related to new members and membership dues, but was requested to bring that item up at the next Board meeting.

Upcoming Events


  • Oct: 22-23: Breakwater, Monterey – POC Kat
  • Nov: 19 Otter Cove, Pacific Grove – POC Kari
  • Dec. 10: Club Holiday Party
  • Dec. 17-Jan. 2: End of year trip to Cozumel – contact Dennis or Patti if you are interested.


  • June 24-Jul. 8: Caribbean Explorer II, St. Maarteen, Saba, St. Kitts – POC Dennis


  • Next Membership meeting: November 3, 2016
  • Next BOD meeting: November 17, 2016

Meeting adjourned at 8:48 pm.