Aqua Tooter August 2019

The August Aqua Tooter includes a report of our August General Meeting presentation by Neil Benjamin and a Tech Tidbit by Arnie Warshawsky. More

Neil Benjamin: Caves and Caverns

At our August general meeting, Neil Benjamin presented on caves and caverns: what they are, where you find them, and how you can dive in them. More


Aqua Tooter July 2019

The July Aqua Tooter includes a report of our July General Meeting presentation by Josh Russo, a Tech Tidbit by Arnie Warshawsky, and report on the MBARI Open House. More

MBARI 2019

MBARI Open House 2019

A number of Tooters attended the annual open house at Monterey Bay Aquarium (MBARI) on Saturday, July 20. More

Commercial urchin diver

Josh Russo: Purple Urchin and Abalone

At the July 11 general meeting, Josh Russo spoke to us about the purple urchin and abalone problems that California has faced the past several years... More

Carl Rand

Aqua Tooter May 2019

Features Technical Diving Fun... Episode 1 [see PDF newsletter] Upcoming Events August Club Snorkel: Golf Ball Cleanup Meeting Minutes The Aqua Tooter PDF version has additional content and links. More

Carl Rand

Carl Rand: Pacific Grove Hyperbaric Chamber

At our May general meeting, Carl Rand presented a program on the Pacific Grove Hyperbaric Chamber (PGHC) and how hyperbaric oxygen therapy is used in treating diving injuries as well as carbon monoxide poisoning cases. More

Arnie Warshawsky PNG 3

Aqua Tooter April 2019

The April Aqua Tooter includes a report of our April General Meeting presentation by Marc Shargel and a special dive report by Arnie Warshawsky on Papua New Guinea. More

Marc Shargel (2019-04)

Marc Shargel: Off The Familiar Path

At our April 4 General Meeting, Marc Shargel presented a program that included some beautiful images, and good stories, from areas ranging from Cuba’s largest marine reserve, to Big Sur and local waters, to British Columbia, Iceland, and to the solar eclipse of 2017. More

hands on beach

2019 BMAL Elections

Upcoming board-member-at-large nominations and elections. More