Clip from Zoom video

Dan Schwartz: Up-Close & Beyond

Zoom-based program by our own Dan Schwartz on macro-photography, where Dan showed his beautiful images and offered tips and his thought processes for doing macro. More

Image by Brent Durand

Brent Durand: Wandering the West Coast

Underwater photographer Brent Durand shared a collection of CA images. The journey began in San Diego and took us through the upper edges of Mendocino County More

Melanie Moreno

Melanie Moreno: Reef Foundation

At our February General Meeting, Melanie Moreno presented a fun and interactive program on REEF. More

Tyler Phelps: Twilight Zone Ecosystems

At the January General Mt, Tyler Phelps from the California Academy of Sciences gave an intriguing program on his exploration of Deep Reefs, also called  “The Twilight Zone”.  More

Members Night November 2019

A program report by Alan Throop on the November 2019 Members Night. More

Alison Young: Citizen Science and Nudibranchs

At our November General meeting, Alison Young, from the California Academy of Sciences, spoke about their Citizen Science program, an interesting app called iNaturalist, and about nudibranchs. More

September Entertainment Report

At our September General meeting, our own Elaine Berger presented a program on Aquatic Medicine. More

Neil Benjamin: Caves and Caverns

At our August general meeting, Neil Benjamin presented on caves and caverns: what they are, where you find them, and how you can dive in them. More

Commercial urchin diver

Josh Russo: Purple Urchin and Abalone

At the July 11 general meeting, Josh Russo spoke to us about the purple urchin and abalone problems that California has faced the past several years... More

Carl Rand

Carl Rand: Pacific Grove Hyperbaric Chamber

At our May general meeting, Carl Rand presented a program on the Pacific Grove Hyperbaric Chamber (PGHC) and how hyperbaric oxygen therapy is used in treating diving injuries as well as carbon monoxide poisoning cases. More