• Reef Check | Dive with Purpose

Northern California Marine Environment Status with Dr. Jan Freiwald of Reef Check

At the Aqua Tutus May membership meeting, Dr. Jan Freiwald, Executive Director of Reef Check, presented an analysis of the status of the northern California marine environment. More

dive tanks

Maintenance of Dive Equipment with Dennis Hocker

At our April General Meeting, our own Dennis Hocker presented a great program on maintaining our diving equipment. More

  • Octopus at Breakwater
  • Point Pinos Healthy Kelp
  • Point Pinos Urchin Barren
  • Urchin Barren
  • Fluorescent Anemone
  • Moby Ling Cove

Bruce Watkins: Northern California Dive Sites

At our March General Meeting, Bruce Watkins gave a useful and interesting program containing beautiful images of our local Northern California waters. More

A Few of My Indonesian Friends

Paul Rosenblum showed his images from Indonesia at the February meeting. More

  • White-tipped Reef Shark | © Holly Franz
  • Whale Shark | © Holly Franz
  • Hammerhead Shark | © Holly Franz

Cocos Islands: The Trip of a Lifetime

To start the year, Holly Franz entertained the club with her recent trip to the Cocos Island. More

  • storm clouds, bird
  • Octopus
  • Giant red anemone eating salpidae
  • Reef stuff
  • Barb & Grace with flag
  • Rock fish
  • Male Sheephead
  • Octopus
  • Vision from far
  • Al on downline
  • Diver over urchins
  • Urchins
  • Nudibranch
  • Urchins on kelp
  • clouds break
  • Kari on downline
  • Al exit onto Vision
  • Dolphins on bow wave

Channel Islands with VDM – Not What We Envisioned!

At our November General meeting, Alan Throop presented a video he compiled using still photos and videos, taken by the divers on the trip. More

Bruce Watkins presenting/Assembly Bill 376

Bruce Watkins: Diving with California Sharks

In October, author and underwater photographer Bruce Watkins entertained us with photos he’s taken of all types of sharks along the California coast. More

© Mike Carter Photography | Penguin

Antarctica Adventure with Mike Carter

At our September meeting Dr. Michael Carter took us to a continent few get the opportunity to visit and showed us the stark beauty of Antarctica. More

  • Feather Star

Member’s Night: Thailand, Cambodia, Monterey and Galapagos

At Member's Night in August, we were treated to three presentations from Ruth Chofree, Rik Cederstrom and Matt Warren. More

  • Wakatobi-Soft Coral
  • Wakatobi-Table Coral
  • Wakatobi-Triger Fish
  • Wakatobi-Sponge
  • Wakatobi-Soft & Hard Corals
  • Wakatobi-Shrimp
  • Wakatobi-Ell
  • Wakatobi-Corals
  • Wakatobi-Cave
  • Wakatobi-Hawk Fish
  • Wakatobi-Pier

A Marine Paradise at Wakatobi Dive Resort

At our July meeting, Larry Muth treated us to a beautiful video presentation of his trip to Wakatobi Dive Resort More