Marc Shargel (2019-04)

Marc Shargel: Off The Familiar Path

At our April 4 General Meeting, Marc Shargel presented a program that included some beautiful images, and good stories, from areas ranging from Cuba’s largest marine reserve, to Big Sur and local waters, to British Columbia, Iceland, and to the solar eclipse of 2017. More

Photo by Mike Boom.

Mike Boom: Diving in Indonesia

At our March 3 General Meeting, Mike Boom presented a wonderful video program on the beauty and critter encounters in Indonesia. More

David McGuire Book Cover

David McGuire: “Shark Stewards”

Thank you for the opportunity to share Shark Steward’s work in shark conservation and provide an update to your membership. More


Monterey Dive Sites

At our January 10 General Meeting, our own Dennis Hocker presented an excellent program on the dive sites of Monterey. More

Jono, Fritz, Larry & Patti

Members Night – Land and Sea

Our second Members Night of 2018 featured presentations by Fritz Welss, Jono Dove, and Patti Baugh. More

Finescale triggerfish, Balistes polylepis, spotted at Breakwater Wall

Strange Fish in Weird Places with Paulina Salinas-Ruiz

At our October meeting, we were delighted to hear a presentation from Paulina Salinas-Ruiz, addressing fish and invertebrates that are migrating north up the west coast where they are not considered an indigenous species. More

Olympia Oysters

The Wild Oyster Project – Restoring Native Oysters to San Francisco Bay

At our September meeting, Linda Hunter from the Wild Oyster Project explained the mission of the project and why bringing back native oysters can help prevent damage from rising sea levels. More

Earth Is Blue

Brian Nelson: Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary

At our August 2 General Meeting, Brian Nelson presented an interesting and informative program on the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. More

Olympus System Goby

Backscatter: The Best Compact Camera Systems for Underwater Photography

At our July 12 General Meeting, Becca Boring & Rob Duncan from Backscatter presented an excellent program where they showed the best compact camera systems for Underwater Photography. More

  • Member's Night Presenters
  • © Ruth Chofre Lice on Fish
  • © Ruth Chofre Sea Lion
  • © Ruth Chofre Harlequin Shrimp
  • © Ruth Chofre Whale Shark
  • © Dennis Hocker Thailand 2018
  • © Dennis Hocker Mating Octopus
  • © Dennis Hocker Ornate Ghost Pipefish
  • G Dennis Hocker Dive with Fusiliers
  • © Dennis Hocker Mermaid
  • © Larry Muth Wakatobi
  • Larry Muth Group Shot
  • © Larry Muth Wall
  • © Larry Muth Wall Fan
  • © Linda Muth Brown Puffer
  • © Linda Muth Green Ghost Pipefish
  • © Linda Muth Porcelain Anemone Crab
  • © Gary Henry Iguana
  • © Gary Henry Sea Turtles
  • © Gary Henry Eagle Rays
  • © Gary Henry Cormorant
  • © Elaine Berger Costa Rica
  • © Elaine Berger Octopus
  • © Elaine Berger Frogfish
  • © Elaine Berger Mildred and Bert

Member’s Night June 2018

Our June 7 General Meeting entertainment was “Member’s Night”, where seven members showed their images and video. More