Update on Abalone Closure

I want to share a little bit of hope with you. Since the vote for closure of the abalone fishery in December of 2017 Watermen's Alliance has been pushing the department to consider a de minimis fishery. More

Gill Net Bycatch

California Bans Giant Ocean Fishing Nets

Used to catch swordfish, the giant nylon curtains often entangle dozens of other marine species. More

great white shark

More to the “White Shark Café” Than Originally Thought!

A recent expedition to the mid-Pacific region dubbed the “White Shark Café” has revealed not an apparently empty area, but one that was teaming with life. More

Chemicals in sunscreen make corals more susceptible to bleaching.

More About Coral-Safe Sunscreens

Follow-up to the July newsletter where we noted that Hawaii banned the use of sunscreen with chemicals that can damage Coral Reefs. More

Green image created by Nikitabuida - Freepik.com

AB 1884 – Straws Upon Request

September 20th, California became a greener state. Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 1884 bill. More

drinks, no straws

“Straws on Request” Bill

Please urge your California legislators to support the Straws On Request bill. More

Strange Fish

Strange Fish in Weird Places

The California Undersea Imagery Archive is initiating a crowd-sourcing effort to document the observations of organisms in new and unusual places. More

Reefs At Risk – Hawaii bans sunscreens with oxybenzone

“Reefs at Risk” explores the harmful effects some sunscreen chemicals have on coral reefs, marine life and people. More

Aqua Tutus Diving Club at the Purple Urchin Removal Event

Urchin Clean-up

The Watermen’s Alliance organized the first urchin clean-up to help the kelp and abalone. More

Monterey Municipal Wharf #2

Rules and Guidelines for diving at Wharf 2, Monterey

At the February 1 general meeting, questions arose about diving at Wharf 2. More