Aqua Tooter February 2018

Paul Rosenblum showed his images from Indonesia at the February meeting. More

Holly Franz

Aqua Tooter January 2018

To start the year, Holly Franz entertained the club with her recent trip to the Cocos Island. More


Aqua Tooter November 2017

At our November General meeting, Alan Throop presented a video he compiled from the Vaqueros del Mar Dive Club Channel Islands annual trip on Truth Aquatics’ Vision. More


Aqua Tooter October 2017

In October, author and underwater photographer Bruce Watkins entertained us with photos he’s taken of all types of sharks along the California coast. More

© Mike Carter | Antarctica, Penguin

Aqua Tooter September 2017

At our September meeting Dr. Michael Carter took us to a continent few get the opportunity to visit and showed us the stark beauty of Antarctica. More

Feather Star

Aqua Tooter August 2017

At Member’s Night in August, we were treated to three presentations from Ruth Chofree, Rik Cederstrom and Matt Warren. More


Aqua Tooter July 2017

At our July meeting, Larry Muth treated us to a beautiful video presentation of his trip to Wakatobi Dive Resort. More


Aqua Tooter June 2017

In part two of his presentation, Jim Steele gave members a brief history of SCUBA diving equipment. More

Reef Check

Aqua Tooter May 2017

At the May meeting, Aqua Tutus members and guests learned about Reef Check. More


Aqua Tooter April 2017

At the April meeting, members were treated to a presentation by long-time Vaqueros Del Mar Dive Club members Bill and Mari Conaway. More