Aqua Tooter March 2017

At the March General Meeting, we enjoyed a informative presentation by George Bell, Senior Volunteer Diver for the California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park. More

Aqua Tooter February 2017

At the February general meeting, Mike Boom guided us through the beautiful kelp forests of The Channel Islands National Park. More

Aqua Tooter January 2017

At January’s general meeting, Jim Steele, longtime member of Aqua Tutus and owner of Steele’s Discount Scuba, presented a brief history of diving in California. More

Aqua Tooter November 2016

At November’s general meeting, our very own Larry Muth wowed us with video from his June 2016 trip to Turks and Caicos Islands. More

Aqua Tooter October 2016

David McGuire with Shark Stewards was our presenter at the October General Meeting. More

photo by Gayle Hudson

Aqua Tooter September 2016

September’s General Meeting was the second part of a two-part entertainment series focused on Aqua Tutus club members. More

photo by Jeff Doney

Aqua Tooter August 2016

August’s General Meeting was the first part of a two-part entertainment series focused on Aqua Tutus club members. More

Aqua Tooter July 2016

At the July 7 General Meeting, club members enjoyed a wonderful program highlighting the 2015 Monterey Shootout winners. More

Aqua Tooter June 2016

At the June 2 General Meeting, Dennis Hocker, Director of Training and Lifetime Member of Aqua Tutus, presented on different dive scenarios and how you might react. More

Aqua Tooter May 2016

At the May 5 General Meeting, we were treated to a wonderful program by Jason Bradley. Jason runs Bradley Photographic Print Services and Workshops in Monterey, California. More