Monterey Dive Sites

At our January 10 General Meeting, our own Dennis Hocker presented an excellent program on the dive sites of Monterey. More

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Maintenance of Dive Equipment with Dennis Hocker

At our April General Meeting, our own Dennis Hocker presented a great program on maintaining our diving equipment. More

Buoyancy and Trim

Buoyancy and Trim

Some diving tips for new Aqua Tutus Dive Club members. More

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Jim Steele: Dive History and the Evolution of Dive Equipment – Part 2

In part two of his presentation, Jim Steele gave members a brief history of SCUBA diving equipment. More


What’s a CenCal?

Carol Rose, CenCal Past President, shares a brief history of Cel Cal and what the organization has done for skin diving, SCUBA and conservation. More

Jim Steele - Dive History

History of Bay Area SCUBA Diving and Aqua Tutus Dive Club

At January’s general meeting, Jim Steele, longtime member of Aqua Tutus and owner of Steele’s Discount Scuba, presented a brief history of diving in California. More

ATDC Meetup

How to Join the Aqua Tutus Meetup Group

This guide is for Tooters who want to join the Aqua Tutus Meetup group but don’t have an existing Meetup account. More

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Equipment Maintenance

Useful and entertaining program on taking care of your diving equipment and how (and when) to do some in-field and home repairs. More

photo by Jim Driggers

Basic Underwater Photography

Presentation covering Low-Cost Underwater Camera Types, General Tips, Composition, Camera Shooting Modes, Exposure and Strobe Placement. More

Beginning Photoshop for Underwater Photographers

Introduction to photo editing with Photoshop Elements More