Dive Report: August 2018

  • Club Dive August 2018

By Gayle Hudson

North Monastery BeachA group of Aqua Tutus AOW students and divers received instruction and a refresher on entries and exits at Monastery Beach. In skin diving equipment only, Tooters learned from Dennis how to read the wave sets and surf zone and then followed his instruction to enter and exit the North end of Monastery in a series of drills. For the purpose of demonstration and experience, Dennis was disappointed in the low wave action but the Tooters didn’t mind at all. Meanwhile, during the drills, five more Tooters in two groups went on a dive at the North end and reported 10-20′ visibility, depending on depth. After the beach drills, Dennis led four divers and Neil led the five AOW students on a swim out to the wash rock where everyone descended to 100′ for a deep dive. Visibility was as previously reported, 10-20 ft, and ling cod, nudibranchs, and crabs were spotted. Everyone returned to the beach underwater, with sufficient air for clean exits and the Monastery crawl. Meanwhile, the Muth-Driggers family dove at Breakwater and reported about 20′ visibility. Afterward, a large group of Tooters met at Gianni’s where everyone enjoyed pizza, conversation, and laughs!