Dive Report: Cozumel 2019

By Arnie Warshawsky, Oahu Aqua Tutus contingent

Report on Club Holiday Dive Vacation at Cozumel

Figure 1: Namesake of our hotel, the Barracuda.

Alan Throop asked for a sort of summary of the 2019 Aqua Tutus trip to Cozumel, which was organized by Dennis and Patti Hocker. Another successful dive trip with Dive Paradise  and Hotel Barracuda. While prices for both have gone up this year, the trip still remains a remarkable bargain. And the Dive Paradise staff goes out of its way to make everything safe and enjoyable.

On this, my fourth, trip I brought my SLR camera and Nauticam underwater housing. {I finally got the nerve to take the plunge, so to speak.} I took a lot of photos, but haven’t yet had enough time to edit them properly—which includes wholesale deleting of the many substandard shots. But I have a few. I promised to provide more photos and words in a future article, but this is what I have now:

Figure 2: Grey Angelfish

This year we only lost two and a half days of diving due to weather closures of the port. But by paying attention to Dennis’ suggestions before the trip, I don’t think that anyone lost any money or had to take a rain check to be applied next year. One highlight of note, and others have the photos, was an amazing dinner (lasting two nights) that Bill Briscoe prepared in his hotel room. Beef, pork, fish, rice, salads. Truly a repast worthy of a regal restaurant. We hope to convince Bill to do this every year—it was really, really, good. Just like the rest of the trip.

[Featured photo: A typically shy Splendid Toadfish, endemic to Cozumel.]