Full Moon (Almost) Club Dive

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By DL Popplewell & David Hansen

Club dive at Breakwater in Monterey, California.

DL Popplewell Notes

It was a beautiful night with a beautiful moon. We met about 3:45 pm to buddy up and make sure everyone had the needed lights. We headed into the water about sunset, 5:15 pm. More than halfway out, one of my fin straps broke, so the dive was over for me. I went back and enjoyed the beauty. Since I effectively missed the dive, I asked Dave to provide a write-up.

David Hansen Notes

On Saturday January 19, 2019 I attended the club dive at Breakwater in Monterey California. Other attendees were Matt Warren, DL Popplewell, Chao, and a late arrival, Clayton Downs.

We met at the parking lot prior to sunset. The weather conditions were clear, cool with a calm breeze and the dive conditions were an approximate offshore swell of 6 – 8 feet and 1 – 2 foot waves at the shore. The visibility was near 10 foot and the water temperature was a warm 54 °F.

Several issues came up. An equipment issue with DL (broken fin strap and keys in Matt’s pocket) and ear trouble for Clay which resulted in aborted dives. As for Matt, Chao and myself, there were no major issues with equipment or physiology except for my body reminding me of all the holiday over indulgences coupled with minimal strenuous exercise.

All in all, the dive was good with average visibility, tons of crabs and a fair number of juvenile ling cod. The dive had a max depth near 45 ft. and approximately 45 minutes of bottom time.

For me I feel it was a good time for all and I personally was happy meeting some new friends, sharing good experiences, and am looking forward to the next dive.

(Editors note: The last paragraph is what in large-part makes diving fun! Thanks for the report.)