General Meeting Minutes January 2020

Reported by Secretary Gayle Hudson

Meeting called to order by 2019 President Patti Shannon-Hocker at Ricky’s Sports Theatre and Grill in San Leandro, CA at 7:35 PM. 

  • Patti introduced and welcomed our new 2020 President Jono Dove.
  • Jono recognized and thanked the Board officers who served in 2019.

Entertainment: General Meeting: Exploration and Ecology of Twilight Zone Fishes by Tyler Phelps from the California Academy of Sciences.

Members present: 60


  • Maureen: Diving for two years and found us through Jim Steele.  Wants to do more coldwater diving and is looking for a buddy.
  • Shelley: Just got started through Jim Steele, is not yet certified, and is excited about diving.
  • Jessie: Brought here by Lilian; looking to get into diving.
  • Doug: Diving for 40ish years, lots of abalone diving until recently; his father was an original member of the club.
  • Melanie: Brought to club by DL and lives a mile from the Breakwater, just retired, and will be our Presenter for February.
  • Devin: Was just certified in Roatan over the holidays, “a little terrified” of the cold water, and was sent by Jim Steele.
  • Rachel: Here through Jim Steele and is going through certification.
  • Austin: Met Devin Martinez-Shinn at Jack London Square and is checking out the club; abalone and lobster diver.
  • Dillon: Here with Austin, from South, grew up lobster diving, and has been diving since he was eight years old; looking forward to facing coldwater fears.
  • Roberto: diving a long time and inactive for two years; looking for a dive buddy.

 Treasurer’s Report (Helga Mahlmann)

  • Club Assets: $6,170.51
  • Classes: $2,788.21
  • General Fund: $3,382.30
  • Jono reminded everyone it’s time to pay dues and part of our dues supports CenCal. Paid members have access to Meetup.


  • February 6: Melanie Moreno: Reef Foundation
  • March 5: Brent Durand: Behind the Camera – Underwater Photos in California
  • April 2: Oran Arms: Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles

Membership/Meetup (Kat Smith)

Kat will have numbers by the next meeting.

Training (Dennis Hocker)

  • Currently has an Advanced Open Water class that is finishing up.
  • If there is interest in any other training, let Dennis know. For more information on training, contact Dennis Hocker at 510 792-5606 or Neil Benjamin at 510-673-0073
  • Jim Steele has classes ongoing and sends ATDC many new members!

Newsletter (Alan Throop)

Contact Alan at if you are not receiving the newsletter. Content is always welcome and input is due by the 20th of the month. Dive reports and photos are encouraged.

Web (Kari Klaboe)

The website up to date and. Content can be sent to Email Kari if you’re not receiving the newsletter.


No report. The CenCal Board is looking for volunteers and ATDC is insured through CenCal. The organization has a long representation in California for advocating for divers and dive sites.

Special Committee


Old Business

We have lost the vendor who could make dog tags for our members.  Devin found a couple of websites for ID tags and is another one.

New Business


  • Melanie said her other dive club, the Monterey Bay Sea Otters Dive Club are collecting fishing line on the 18th of this month at Breakwater.  Meet after 8am, coffee and donuts are provided.  The website has more information and they hold cleanup dives quarterly.
  • Bill Briscoe did a 17-minute video about the urchin barren.
  • Kat Smith would like to see an overnight experience at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, which offers this event for 100 people.  She suggested we reach out to VDM and other friends who would like to go.  Cost would be about $150-175 per person, including dinner.  If you are interested please talk to Kat.

Past Dives

  • Gayle and Elaine went to Cozumel in advance of the dive club’s trip.  Perfect diving weather and also some fun dives at Dreamgate cenote in Akumal.
  • Larry went with the dive club on the annual pilgrimage to Cozumel.  Bill Brisco had a great beach BBQ.
  • Jono’s lady, Janelle, went on a discover scuba dive with Dennis and Jono had an amazing night dive with Devin.  At the high point, 14 members were at the Barracuda.  They were in Cozumel when the two Carnival ships had a meaningful discussion.
  • Corwin went to the Caribbean, sailing from Fort Lauderdale. Had six great dives and saw the Kittywake, huge grouper, turtles, and a lot of bleached coral.  Temperature got to 86 degrees.
  • Devin went freediving in San Felipe, Mexico where they did some amazing free diving off a small panga boat with GPS coordinates.  Divemaster has been in the chamber over ten times as they don’t use tables because computers are too expensive.  The biggest fish he brought up was a six-foot barracuda and then it got away.
  • Melanie says it was 55 degrees yesterday at the Breakwater with 8-12 feet visibility.  The area next to #4 on Breakwater wall has been loaded with bat rays; yesterday she counted four.
  • Bill Briscoe saw a guitar fish next to the pipe at San Carlos.  He has two witnesses.

Bone / Good Buddy Nominations

Bone Award

  • Dennis nominated Oliver Edwards for a Bone Award for not keeping his gear together – Oliver left his fins behind on the boat in Cozumel
  • Jono nominated Dennis for never taking his trim weights out of his pocket after his dive, taking at least 5 lbs. from Paradise Divers.
  • Bill self-nominated for going into the water without his weight belt.
  • Dennis was awarded the Bone Award.

Good Buddy Award

  • Liliana nominated Dennis for the Good Buddy Award as she was nervous on her first dive in Cozumel.  Dennis helped her and held her hand throughout the dive.
  • Larry the Elder said, as not the youngest in the group, the entire group of ATDC who went to Cozumel deserves a Good Buddy award.
  • Jono said everyone lent Janelle equipment in Cozumel to try out diving and Dennis had another new diver holding his hand.
  • Dennis was awarded the Good Buddy Award.

Upcoming Activities and Dives


  • February 1: Club Equipment Swap. 9 am at Gayle Hudson’s home. [Post meeting: this event was rescheduled to February 1]
  • February 15: Club Dive: Valentine’s Dive at Lovers Point. POC is Angela Boltinghouse.
  • March 21: Club Dive: Golf Ball Cleanup at Pebble Beach. POC is Gayle.
  • May 8-18: Indonesia, one space remaining.  Dennis is POC.  One space is available, Please check with Dennis.


June 26-July 10: Bonaire with Dennis.

Upcoming Meetings

  • January 16: Board of Directors meeting at Ricky’s Sports Theatre and Grill at 7:00 PM.

Meeting adjourned at 9:04 PM.