General Meeting Minutes March 2020

March 5, 2020

Reported by Secretary Gayle Hudson

Meeting called to order by President Jono Dove at Ricky’s Sports Theatre and Grill in San Leandro, CA at 7:30 PM.

Entertainment: Brent Durand: Wandering the West Coast: A look behind the lens

Members present: 68


  • Aaron and Jill: sent to us by Steeles; they have experienced warm water diving thus far.
  • Shinja: newly certified by Jim Steele.

Treasurer’s Report (Helga Mahlmann)

  • Club Assets: $6,806.05
  • Classes: $2,778.21
  • General Fund: $4,027.84


  • April 2: Oran Arms: Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles*
  • May 7: Dan Schwartz: Macro Photography in California & Indo Pacific
  • June 4: Members Night
  • July 2 Bill & Mari Conaway Diving the Banda Sea in the Maluku Spice Islands in Eastern Indonesia

*Following the March general meeting, it was decided to cancel our April general meeting and reschedule the presenter.

Membership/Meetup (Kat Smith)

  • Seven Associate, 8 Lifetime, 58 and one Student
  • Meetup: 99 members
  • Dues are due; members who have not paid 2020 dues by April will fall off Meetup.

Training (Dennis Hocker)

  • Dennis has an upcoming Entries and Exits training.  If there is interest in any other training, let Dennis know. For more information on training, contact Dennis Hocker at 510 792-5606 or Neil Benjamin at 510-673-0073
  • A couple of members are finishing up AOW.  Dennis says classes today don’t address diving our Pacific Coast and, after OW training, divers have a ways to go to become comfortable. On April 25 Dennis will be offering skin diving training to help divers get comfortable with the Monterey environment.  The session will cover the basics of getting into the water in rough conditions: being aware of conditions, how to handle yourself in moving water, and getting on and off of rocks.
  • Dennis said ATDC is in need of getting members who can take a new diver under their wing and buddy up to help them become a more comfortable diver.  Talk to Dennis if you are interested in helping out.

Newsletter (Alan Throop)

The newsletter is out.  Alan will be away the end of the month so he asked for content by March 15-17.  Contact Alan at if you are not receiving the newsletter. Dive reports and photos are encouraged.

Web (Kari Klaboe)

The website up to date. Content can be sent to Alan or Kari at Email Kari if you’re not receiving the newsletter or email updates. The newsletter is distributed the last day of the month to club members.


CenCal is in need of membership and volunteers.  They have a long history of advocating for divers and beach access.  For example, access at San Carlos Beach is possible because of CenCal’s successful blocking of a hotel development along the water.

Special Committee

No report.

Old Business

MBA Sleepover

Kat says there is a lot of interest but few confirmations from members.  Send email to Kat with subject as ‘MBA Sleepover,’ number in party and what month might work best.  She has to know how many want to do this so she can get pricing.  She needs 150 people to rent out the whole aquarium.  About $150 which includes something like a taco bar and breakfast.

New Business



  • Alan Throop said Bill and Mari Conaway are underwater photographers and regular speakers at our meetings; they are scheduled to present at our July meeting.  Mari has recently undergone surgery at UCSF for an aggressive brain tumor where, during an eight-hour surgery, 95% of the tumor was removed.  Radiation and chemotherapy should remove the remaining 5% and it is unknown how her speech will recover.  Please see Alan to be connected to Caring Bridge, where Bill has set up a page.

Past Dives

  • Angela and Kat went to Lovers 3 for the Cub Dive.  Conditions were surgey, with 20+ divers in attendance plus a handful of the beach who showed up to cheer.  The weather was beautiful and Kat said she counted only five stalks of kelp.
  • Dan Schwarz kayaked from Breakwater to the Aquarium.  He found an Urchin barren and dove about 30’ deep, with an area that included pinnacles.  He said it was like being at the aquarium with all the fish he had hope to see.
  • Jim Driggers dove at Lovers Cove with Derek, who enjoyed his first ever cold-water dive from the beach. Jim reported they dove through clouds of fry and saw feather duster worms and a huge sea anemone; the number of sea urchins were overwhelming.  Jim was glad to introduce a new diver to the cold-water environment and had a great time.
    • Jim self-nominated himself for the Bone Award because he knew his computer battery was out and forgot to replace it.
  • After 70 cold-water dives in Monterey, Linda Phillips enjoyed her first warm-water diving experience off Electric Beach on the west side of Oahu in Hawaii.  She went with her nephew, who scuba dives for the Army.  She was impressed with the visibility, which allowed her to see other divers at a distance, and enjoyed the sea turtles and the fish; the topography was rather bare of marine life.

Bone / Good Buddy Nominations

Bone Award

  • Jim – self nominated for forgetting to replace the battery in his computer.
  • Jane Call –  she didn’t carry her camera and forget to adjust for the weight difference.  At the Lovers Club Dive she could only get down to a depth of eight feet.
  • Larry the Elder commented he was on the beach watching divers at Lovers Club Dive.  He said some divers had no idea how to go through the surf line.  He said it’s not Bone worthy but divers need training on how to get in and out of the water so they don’t get knocked down by the wave that is following their exit.  He said, “Speak up – don’t fake it, the ocean won’t fake it.”  Good advice.
  • It was a draw with Jim and Jane for the Bone Award.

Good Buddy

  • Larry the Elder nominated Jim Driggers for taking out a new diver and he was awarded the Good Buddy.

Upcoming Activities and Dives

Club members are not responsible for any diver.  Each diver needs to assess their own capacity to dive.


  • March 21: Club Dive: Golf Ball Cleanup at Pebble Beach. POC is Gayle Hudson
  • April 18: Pt. Lobos. POC is Kat Smith
  • April 18: San Carlos Beach Cleanup with MBSO. POC is Alan Throop
  • April 25: Berwick Park, PG; Skin Diving practice. POC is Dennis Hocker
  • April 25 and 26: Open House at Moss Landing Marine Lab with free admission. POC is Alan Throop.
  • June 13: Entries and Exits at Monastery. POC is Dennis Hocker
  • June 13: Coral Street Dive for Club Photo for Ricky’s.  POC is Devin Martinez-Shinn
  • July 18: Jade Cove. POC is Devin Martinez-Shinn
  • August 14-15 Salt Point State Park. POC is Debbie Driggers
  • September 26; Ocean Cleanup dive with MBSO. POC is Gayle Hudson
  • May 8-18: Indonesia.  POC is Dennis Hocker


  • June 26-July 10: Bonaire. POC is Dennis Hocker

Meeting adjourned at 9:18 PM.


Upcoming Meetings

March 19: Board of Directors meeting at Ricky’s Sports Theatre and Grill at 7:00 PM.


April 2: General Meeting at Ricky’s Sports Theatre and Grill at 7:30 PM.