General Meeting Minutes May 2019

Reported by Debbie Driggers (for Secretary Gayle Hudson)

Meeting called to order by President Patti ShannonHocker at Ricky’s Sports Bar and Grill in San Leandro, CA at 7:33 pm. 35 members present.

Speaker: Carl Rand – Pacific Grove Hyperbaric Chamber

Guests: Mike. long time diver referred by Jim Steele.  And another guest, whose name was missed,  diving since the 70’s when Jim was an assistant.

Treasurer’s Report (Helga Mahlmann)

  • Club Assets: $6,256.38
  • Classes: $2,178.21
  • General Fund: $4,078.17

Entertainment (Jen Pechacek)

  • June – Members Night
  • July – ***Note Date Change ***  July 11,  Josh Russo, Purple Urchin Removal Project
  • August – Neil Benjamin, Cavern and Cave Diving
  • September – Chris Eng – Climate Change
  • October – Alison Young, Cal Academy – Citizen Scientists
  • November – Member’s Night

Help with entertainment is always welcome, taking notes of the presentation, recommending speakers, back-up for Alan to do set up.  Any help is appreciated.

Membership/Meetup (Kat Smith – not present)

No report.

Training (Dennis Hocker)

  • AOW: will be held in August.  Must do three to five club dives prior to joining the class.
  • NAUI Training Assistant program: check with Neil for prerequisites.
  • Rescue Diver class: this September or October if enough interest (CPR and O2 provider required)

If there is interest in any other class subjects, let Dennis know. For more information on training, contact Dennis Hocker at (510) 792-5606 or Neil Benjamin at (510) 673-0073

Newsletter (Alan Throop)

Contact Alan at if you are not receiving the newsletter. Input due by the 20th of the month.  Content is always welcome. Dive reports and photos encouraged.

Web (Kari Klaboe – not present)

Website up to date and current newsletter posted. Content can be sent to


No report

Special Committee

Holiday Party – Dec 7 at La Cabana  – planning to start probably around August

New Business


Old Business

  • BOD Members at Large: will start accepting nomination in May.  Elections will be in June.  Please talk with existing BOD members if interested or you have questions.  This is a good way to get involved in the club, Members at Large are expected to POC one dive a year, they manage nominations and general elections in November, and participate in BOD meeting.  Nominations:  Jono, Angie, and Larry the Elder.
  • Ricky’s would like to have a poster or some other imagery of our group in the meeting room. Diving is a sport and Ricky’s is a sports bar!


  • The BOD would like to encourage visiting more different dive sites.  If you don’t want to POC a dive but have a new spot you’d like to try out, please tell a member of the BOD and  they will look into scheduling.
  • Reef Check will be starting up again soon for the coming year.  Talk to Dave Chervin.
  • Jono brought yummy cupcakes to celebrate Dennis’s (and Kari’s and Debbie’s) birthdays.   Thanks Jono!!!!

Past Dives

  • Club Dive/snorkel – wonderful but cold.  Alan reports he was diving in new gear and had trouble with buoyancy.  Jen was there to save the day.
  • Neil has gotten back into the pool after his hip replacement.
  • Dave Chervin and Bill Briscoe received a Reef Check recertification.   Off of Aquarium Reef they counted 200 purple urchins along a five meter line.

 Bone Nominations

  • Dennis left his wetsuit at home when packing for the snorkel, even after Patti asked him about it a couple of times.
  • Matt realized during the walk to MacAbee that he didn’t have his gloves. AND when it’s time for a dive he can’t attach his power inflator and they had to get him a loaner.

Winner: Dennis!

Upcoming Activity and Dives


  • May 4-5, 2019: Long Beach Scuba show
  • May 18: Club Dive, Copper Roof House at 9 am; POC Patti   Meet at Black Bear at 7:30am for breakfast.
  • May 18-19: Urchin removal Ocean Cove.  DFW and Reef Check report a noticeable difference in the amount of kelp and healthy abalone.
  • August 17:  Golf Ball Clean Up. Skin dive.  Gayle Hudson POC, details TBA
  • Chuuk 2019: Sold Out! Waiting list is now open
  • August 24-25, 2019: Salt Point Club Dive weekend.  POC Debbie Driggers. Reservations now open.
  • September 8 -12: VDM Channel Islands dive,  please let Alan know if interested, will be open for registration in a couple of months.
  • December 21 – January 4: Sixth Annual Cozumel Holiday trip.   Patti will arrange hotels, contact her for space.



  • July: Bonaire with Dennis

Upcoming Meetings

  • May 16: BOD
  • June 6: General Meeting
  • June 20: BOD
  • July 11 ***note date change*** – General Meeting

Meeting Adjourned 9:16pm