General Meeting Minutes November 2019

Reported by Debbie Driggers for Secretary Gayle Hudson

Meeting called to order by President Patti Shannon-Hocker at Ricky’s Sports Theatre and Grill in San Leandro, CA at 7:33 pm.

Entertainment: Members Night

Members present: 55


  • Barry– certified in 1978 with ATDC, looking to do more diving.
  • Lilianna – certified in Philippines, looking forward to diving in cold water.
  • Steve Campi – we’re counting this lifer as a guest tonight.
  • David Castro – sent by Jim Steele, certified in 1980; his son is newly certified so they’ll be diving together.
  • Raphael Castro, son of David, learned on a whim and really enjoys diving.
  • Derek Blevins- diving since 1984, Massachusetts cold water diver, looking to start diving again now that kids are grown.

Treasurer’s Report (Helga Mahlmann)

  • Club Assets: $6,238.67
  • Classes: $2,778.21
  • General Fund: $3,460.46

Entertainment (Lori)

2019 – December – no meeting, Holiday Party

2020 – A good line-up is all booked.

Membership/Meetup (Kat Smith)

9 Associate; 8 Lifetime; and 86 Regular for a total of 103 members.

Training (Dennis Hocker)

  • Two AOW dives scheduled – 23 & 30th of November – check with Dennis for location.

If there is interest in any other training, let Dennis know. For more information on training, contact Dennis Hocker at 510 792-5606 or Neil Benjamin at 510-673-0073

Newsletter (Kari Klaboe for Alan Throop)

The newsletter went out via Mail Chimp. Contact Alan at if you are not receiving the newsletter. Content is always welcome and input is due by the 20th of the month. Dive reports and photos are encouraged.

Web (Kari Klaboe)

The website up to date and current newsletter posted. Content can be sent to

CenCal (Steve Campi)

They do not have enough people to run the organization and they are looking for more help. CenCal’s role has changed since the responsibility for management of resources within the state has changed. Access to dive sites has been improved over the years via CenCal. These days CenCal is mostly a source of insurance for dive clubs but otherwise not doing much. CenCal can be resurrected and wants to be doing more but is looking for help to keep it going.

Special Committee

  • Holiday Party: Kari Klaboe is helping Alan for this event, which will begin at 6:30pm on December 7 at La Cabana.  Still looking for volunteers, especially to write up the party report. This is a great party – raffle (to benefit the Pacific Grove Hyperbaric Chamber), dancing, great food, games, and Santa!  Patti encouraged everyone to sign up as soon as possible so food can be planned. Volunteers are still needed for general jobs, also looking for someone to run the raffle.
  • Kat volunteered to take the raffle and Devin volunteered for anything that no-one else wants to do. Linda will do photos. Please buy tickets as soon as possible, prices go up December 1.

Old Business

  • Nominations are open for all positions. Several officers are willing to continue in the positions if no one else is interested. We are still in need of a volunteer for president.
  • Nominations: Helga, Kat, Devin and Gayle have self-nominated for their current positions. Nominations were opened again prior to voting. Dennis nominated Jono for president, the nomination was accepted.
  • Dennis made a motion to accept the current slate. Motioned, seconded and carried and the Board officers for 2020 are:
    • President – Jono Dove
    • VP – Devin Martinez-Shinn
    • Secretary – Gayle Hudson
    • Treasurer – Helga Mahlmann
    • Membership – Kat Smith

New Business

  • Devin has a new source for dog I.D. tags if people want to purchase one.
  • The PO box in Pleasanton has been closed we now have a box in Castro Valley,


  • Holiday Party is December 7; tickets can be purchased tonight and prices go up December 1.

Past Dives

  • Jane – Did her first dive with the club this past weekend, had a great time with thanks to Kat for organizing.   Her camera failed before she could get a harbor seal photo.  Great conditions.
  • Neil – has been diving with classes from Steele’s and certified several new divers.  Terrible vis at Breakwater.
  • Linda P- some of the students in the class Neil was with got caught in fishing line.  Linda is now a NAUI Training Assistant.
  • Fritz – his cruise stopped in Cabo San Lucas so he got to see the sand fall and all the standard fish.  The wreck at Land’s End is being covered by sand.  Also visited ABC islands and the operators booked by the cruise line would not accept divers over 65. 50’-80 visibility
  • Dave C – AOW class attempted Monastery, conditions back so moved so San Carlos where they did buoyancy and marine naturalist dives on middle reef. Devin saw a baby lobster.  He will plan a naturalist dive for next year.  Did last Reef Check dive out of Piller Point.  Dove Hurricane Reef – large fish including a five-foot ling cod and a large octopus. 15-25’ vis and huge (12-14”) red urchins.
  • Kat – October night dive, cold and pea soup vis.  On another dive, Kat had a challenge where she got into her gear but her tank was not secured and had to be properly secured into the BC by her talented shore support.
  • Devin – learned that you can tighten the band too tight and break a buckle.

Bone / Good Buddy Nominations

Bone Award

  • Larry the Younger – ended up leaving a bunch of his gear behind from one dive to the next.
  • Kat – for almost losing her improperly secured tank.
  • Devin and ? – exited the water in Whalers Cove to see where they were but on finding themselves on the far side of the cove walked long way around the cove rather than getting back in the water and swimming back.  This nomination was rejected because Devin’s buddy called the dive and he did what was needed to help his buddy who didn’t want to dive.

Winner – Larry the Younger

Good buddy

  • Devin for being an all-around great buddy (Kat and Angela both nominated him) for being available to supplement gear.
  • Derek and Kat for helping Larry the Younger with loaner gear so he could dive.
  • Devin also nominated for taking the long walk back with his buddy.

Winner – Devin

Upcoming Activities and Dives


  • December 20 to January 4: 16th Annual Cozumel Extravaganza. Patti will arrange hotels, contact her for space. Dive with Dive Paradise. $86 per room per night dbl occupancy or $82 for single in a room.  The dive sites that have been reported to closed are expected to be re-opened as of Dec 15. Contact Patti to be added to info list for 2021.


  • May 8-18: Indonesia, one space remaining. Dennis is POC. Additional spaces might be available. Please check with Dennis.


  • June 26-July 10: Bonaire with Dennis.

Upcoming Meetings

  • November 21 – BOD
  • January 9 – General meeting *** Note non-standard date ***
  • January 16 – BOD meeting

Meeting adjourned at 9:35 pm.