General Meeting Minutes October 2017

Reported by Helga Mahlmann

Meeting called to order by President Jono Dove at Round Table Pizza in Castro Valley, CA at 7:30 pm.

Speaker: Bruce Watkins

Guests: Jenny Arnold, David

Entertainment (Gayle Hudson)


  • November: Channel Islands with Vaqueros del Mar and the San Jose Flipper Dippers
  • December: No general meeting

Please check Meetup and the Aqua Tooter for entertainment updates. If you have any requests or suggestions for future entertainment, let us know at!

Treasurer’s Report (Helga Mahlmann)

We have $4,686.47 in our account.

Membership (Debbie Muth-Driggers)

86 members

Training (Dennis Hocker)

  • No training scheduled.
  • October club dive skill will be buoyancy.
  • A reminder for those interested in advanced open water certification with the club, all students must have five club dives before signing up. No specific class scheduled at the moment.

For more information on training contact Dennis Hocker at (510) 792-5606 or Neil Benjamin at (510) 673-0073

Newsletter (Lola Johnston)

Contact Lola at if you are not receiving the newsletter. Input due by the 20th of the month.

Web Goddess (Lola Johnston)

  • Everything is up to date! Content can be sent to .
  • Cozumel trip will be added to the website.

Social Media (Gayle Hudson)

  • Facebook: Participation is open to the public.
  • Meetup: Participation is limited to club members. Meetup instructions are available on our website.
  • YouTube: We are looking for more video uploads and recommend the video length be five to eight minutes.

Old Business

  • Officer Elections: Kat announced that officer elections are coming up. The following is a list of club officer positions: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Coordinator, Newsletter. The following nominations were made at the October meeting:
    • President: Jono Dove, Matt Warren
    • Vice President: Patti Shannon-Hocker
    • Secretary: Nancy Gearty
    • Treasurer: Helga Mahlmann
    • Membership: Debbie Driggers (w/ Larry Dimitri)
    • Website/Newsletter & Mailchimp Help: no note in minutes
    • Entertainment (volunteer position): open

New Business

  • Ricky’s: Club Social at Ricky’s on October 12 at 6:30 pm. Check it out!

Special Committee

Holiday Party

  • La Cabana on December 9. Contact Alan if you would like to help out with the party.
    • Tickets
      • Advance: Member & Plus One ($10/each), Child ($5/each), Guest ($15/each)
      • Non-advance: Ticket costs increase.
    • Raffle: Helga Mahlmann & Debbie Driggers. All raffle profits will go to the Pacific Grove hyperbaric chamber and is tax deductible.

Past Dives

  • Breakwater (Matt Warren): Very mucky due to student’s fins and very cold. One dive to the end of the wall, followed by sea lion who loved bubbles. Lots of black and blue rockfish spotted!
  • Kauai, Hawaii (Gayle Hudson): Saw a reticulated butterfly fish — very rare!
  • Salt Point (Mike Barrett & Nancy Gearty): Fort Ross, Stillwater, & Ocean Cove
  • Coral Street (Jim Driggers, Linda Muth, & Larry Muth): 10′ to 15′ visibility, no kelp, water temperature around 52 deg. F. Saw bat stars, urchin, and some starfish.
  • Monterey (Jim Steele): 5′ to 8′ visibility, Austin completed his instructor training.


  • Good Buddy Award: Matt Warren’s friend for getting him a weight belt.
  • Bone nominations: Matt Warren nominated himself for no weight belt, which he left at home. A friend let him borrow their weight belt.

Upcoming Activity and Dives




  • Next Membership meeting: November 2, 2017
  • Next BOD meeting: October 19, 2017

Meeting adjourned at 9:20 pm.