Giant Kelp Restoration Project Update

  • Diver over urchins

By: Alan Throop

Keith Rootsaert has had a petition (now Petition 2020-001) before the Fish and Game Commission since last year. This petition would allow the removal of sea urchins at Tanker’s Reef and at the Edward F. Ricketts State Marine Conservation Area in Monterey, in a manner similar to what has been approved on the North Coast, to help restore the kelp forest in this area. The FGC will vote on this again in June, so Keith Rootsaert and Marc Shargel will be asking the dive and conservation communities to support this Petition by sending a short email voicing your support for Petition 2020-001 to in mid-May when regulatory language changes are finalized. More information on this petition is available at the Giant Kelp Restoration Project at Please put a note on your calendar to write then.

[Download the April Aqua Tooter for the full article on the project and petition.]