Member’s Night June 2018

  • Member's Night Presenters
  • © Ruth Chofre Lice on Fish
  • © Ruth Chofre Sea Lion
  • © Ruth Chofre Harlequin Shrimp
  • © Ruth Chofre Whale Shark
  • © Dennis Hocker Thailand 2018
  • © Dennis Hocker Mating Octopus
  • © Dennis Hocker Ornate Ghost Pipefish
  • G Dennis Hocker Dive with Fusiliers
  • © Dennis Hocker Mermaid
  • © Larry Muth Wakatobi
  • Larry Muth Group Shot
  • © Larry Muth Wall
  • © Larry Muth Wall Fan
  • © Linda Muth Brown Puffer
  • © Linda Muth Green Ghost Pipefish
  • © Linda Muth Porcelain Anemone Crab
  • © Gary Henry Iguana
  • © Gary Henry Sea Turtles
  • © Gary Henry Eagle Rays
  • © Gary Henry Cormorant
  • © Elaine Berger Costa Rica
  • © Elaine Berger Octopus
  • © Elaine Berger Frogfish
  • © Elaine Berger Mildred and Bert

Click through the images above to see some of the great images presented.

By Alan Throop

Our June 7 General Meeting entertainment was “Member’s Night”, where seven members showed their images and video.

There were a lot of creative and beautiful images, portraits and descriptions of some wonderful dive destinations, and some good stories. Unfortunately, I can cover here only a glimpse of what was shown… my apologies to the presenters.

The program first kicked off with off with some “wow” from Patti Baugh showing some very creative and beautiful images that she took mainly in Anileo, Philippines, which she has visited a couple of times. Not only is she a good UW photographer, but she is an expert in Photoshop and very-creative in producing her images in a way and setting that few photographers do. She presented her images with dramatic music and interesting transitions. Patti shoots with a housed Olympus PEN E-PL1 mirrorless camera.

Next, Ruth Chofre showed photos that she had taken in the Philippines and other locations that she has dived and photographed. One shows a pair of parasitic isopods on a hawkfish. She had an adorable photo of a juvenile sea lion dreamingly looking at the photographer, a pair of beautiful harlequin shrimp posing in front of red crinoid, and a front-on image of a whale shark that looked intent on ignoring (or swallowing) the small photographer taking the photo! Ruth shoots with a housed Nikon D100 DSLR.

Dennis Hocker then had a fun still and video program about his dive trip this past February to Thailand. (I think he has to take photos to remember many dive trips he takes each year!!). Dennis is fond of his Intova camera, a Go-Pro-like system – but a lot less expensive. His photos and video looked good, and it’s small enough that he captures interesting and fun behaviors. He showed a video of a free-swimming moray eel and an “X-rated clip” (the video was clearer than the still photo here) that captured two octopuses mating, where the male places his sperm packet into the female for storage and later use when she’s ready. He also managed to find a mermaid!

Larry Muth showed a video made during a trip with Linda, Debbie, and Jim last February to Wakatobi. Wakatobi is a very remote dive resort in southeastern archipelago of Sulawasi, located over 500 miles from any significant village, with its own runway and direct, 2.5-hr flight from Bali. Many deep walls, with a top in 10’ of water and dropping 100s of feet to a large channel, with 80-100’ visibility, are just a short boat ride away. You can leisurely drift-dive the beautiful and pristine house reef and wall day and night. And the resort is also pretty plush, with lots of relaxing amenities. The walls and bommies appear untouched, with 80-100’ visibility. There aren’t many large marine animals, but the reefs are teeming with beautiful, exotic, and interesting fish and invertebrates in this preserved area located in the world center of marine life diversity.

Linda Muth then followed with some still images from Wakatobi. The images shown here of are of an adorable brown puffer, a green ghost pipefish, and a porcelain anemone crab. But she also had some beautiful images of colorful nudibranchs, shrimp, and fish, ending with a relaxing shot of wine glasses in front of a beautiful sunset. Linda uses a Olympus E-PM1 in an Olympus housing with a Sea&Sea YS-12 strobe and an Olympus 60mm macro lens.

Gary Henry recently traveled to the Galapagos Islands and shared a portion of an UW video made by one of the trip leaders while free-diving with marine iguanas at Punta Espinosa on Fernandina Island. They feed on the algae that grows profusely on rocks in the colder water, then come out to sun and regain their body heat. While the iguanas are best known here, turtles and other fish also graze on the algae, and all of them seem oblivious to the dives. He also captured eagle rays and cormorants swimming in the waters with them.

The entertainment closed with Elaine Berger presenting an “Ode to Starfish”. She has a thing for starfish and, after some research, realized how unique they are. A few of her observations and associated photos are included here, some of which came from her recent Costa Rica trip. “starfish are very adventurous and always happy to explore new places”; “They are chatty with their neighborly octopus”; they “will make friends with you no matter what color your skin or how lumpy it is! (picture of frogfish)”; “you have to watch out for the bug-eyed relatives and those who wear their underwear on their heads (picture of the sea urchin with his stomach protruding out)”; “They make excellent marriage counselors. Here is Matilda, and Bert is a little blurry, he has a drinking problem”.

We thank all those who shared their talents and time with us to present a varied, interesting, and fun evening. You can all join us this fall for another Member’s Night to show some of your images & travel.