In Memoriam, Ken Schneider

  • Carmel River State Beach

Ken Schneider, an experienced diver and a guest at past Club events, passed away while diving Carmel River Beach on March 9th. Club member Ariu Levi was Ken’s dive partner that day.

Ken suffered a massive heart attack at the start of the dive. According to medical staff at Monterey Peninsula Community Hospital, where Ken was taken by emergency personnel, his death came quickly and with little pain.

Ken had over 40 years of SCUBA and free diving experience. His was a diving family and he learned the skills of free diving from his father and then became SCUBA certified at age 16. His favorite spots were on the Channel Islands, Monterey peninsula and the North Coast.

Ken was a great dive partner and a better friend. He was always upbeat and ready for the next adventure. He will be sorely missed.