Reef Check California 2017 Training Schedule Announced

By Gayle Hudson

Reef Check California has announced their 2017 schedule for training and certification at the California Academy of Sciences, the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Fort Bragg and Sonoma, as well as Central and Southern California locations.

Reef Check California volunteers work in the field with marine managers, researchers and the public by assisting with the gathering of scientific data that is used to make informed, science-based decisions that will help to ensure the sustainable management and conservation of the ocean environment along California’s coast.

The first two days of the two-weekend program involve classroom instruction in survey protocol, training in a pool to learn the equipment used, species ID testing and take-home knowledge reviews. In the second weekend, the San Francisco and Monterey training programs include six boat dives aboard the Silver Prince. Three dives will be for practicing seaweed, invertebrate, fish sizing, UPC, and fish ID transects and on the other three dives the participants will be evaluated on the same protocols.

All participants who successfully complete the training will be eligible to obtain a Reef Check California Specialty Certification (NAUI).

Eligibility information and details are available at Reef Check’s website.