Reef Check California Training

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California’s Kelp Forests Need Your Help!

Join the Reef Check California Team and Become a Scientific Diver

Give back to the ocean by scuba diving and collecting information on the life in California’s Marine Protected Areas – our Yosemite of the Sea.

Trainings are thought by experienced marine biologists.

They include classroom instruction, a pool practice session, and ocean dives. You’ll also receive an underwater slate for collecting data, species flash cards and more!

Log on to Reef Check to sign up for training. Contact Don Abbott for more info.

2018 Northern California Training Dates

  • Fort Bragg: April 21-22 & May 5-6
  • Sonoma: June 9-10 & June 23-24
  • San Francisco: June 23-24 & June 30-July 1
  • Monterey: May 19-20 & June 2-3