Remembering Joe “Aloha Joe” Timmons

  • Joe Timmons 1946 - 2018

By Don Kelsey

Editors Note: This is a summary of the presentation made by Don at the August 8 General Meeting. Thanks to Don for presenting this to cub members.

Joe was active in the club for many years starting in the early 70’s; learning to dive, becoming a certified instructor, and serving in officer positions. He enjoyed helping new divers grow in the sport by offering his “Easy Dives” where he would patiently work with them as needed.

When his work took him away from the Bay Area in the late 70’s he never lost contact with club members. He returned to the Bay Area in the late 80’s and was active in the club until retiring, from The Clorox Company, to Hawaii in 2005. Joe was voted to be an Aqua Tutus Lifetime Member in the early-2000s.

Thereafter, Joe returned frequently to the mainland for his annual motorcycle tour around the country, visiting many friends and family, and stopping by to attend a club meeting or two. Joe loved motorcycling.

Joe was known as a warm and outgoing person who made friends easily, enjoyed being with them, and was always ready to help whenever needed.

When he moved to Hawaii he immediately joined the Master Gardener program, through which he met many new friends, some of them divers. Joe’s best island diver friends were Rick and Steve.

Joe liked to explore the Kona Coast and found many interesting dive sites, like the “Death Hole”, where he took many of his friends for an exciting dive.

When in Hawaii he was always available for divers sent over by Jim Steele or other club members, and would take them to his favorite dive sites in and around Kailua-Kona. Here he is with former club members LaDonna Springer, Jean Williams, and Lifetime Aqua Tutus Member Mark Johnson.

Joe loved underwater photography, he always had his camera in his BCD pocket, just waiting for a good shot… and he loved catching critters.

Joe loved his dog; he had three at different times while on the Island.

Joe loved his house in Kailua-Kona, where he applied his Master Gardener skills to create a tropical landscape with many native plantings, including delicious island fruits.

Joe will be missed by many, both on the island and on the mainland.

  • Joe in Alaska
  • Joe, Rick & Steve
  • The Death Hole
  • Joe, LaDonna, Jean & Mark
  • Joe loved underwater photography
  • Joe loved catching critters
  • Joe loved his dog
  • Joe loved his house

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