Scubaboard: An Online Resource for Divers of All Levels & Interests

By: Larry Dimitri

“I think somebody found your weight belt.” was the message I received from Aqua Tutus member and former President Mike Barrett. “There was a message posted on Scubaboard.”

It had been my second time diving in cold water and there went my weight belt (with too many pounds of lead) sliding off my hips and down to the bottom of Whalers Cove in Pt. Lobos. Three weeks later I responded to a Palo Alto diver who had retrieved my bright yellow belt. (

I had no idea at that time what Scubaboard was and what a resource it would become for me as a diver.

Located at, here are just some of the things you may find useful:

Monterey Conditions

We all know that swell reports are great, but you really don’t know what the diving will be like until you can “see” the actual conditions. This thread, started in 2012, is updated by members who have seen them firsthand:

Product Research and Reviews

Thinking of buying a new dive computer or any other piece of gear? Type a few keywords in the Search box and I’m pretty sure that you will find information for anything that you are interested in from people who have actually used it.

When I was considering switching from a jacket style BC to a backplate and wing (BP/W), there was plenty of helpful information to guide me in areas I didn’t even know to ask about, like the considerations for a steel or aluminum backplate when it comes to weighting in cold vs warm water – or even packing it in your suitcase when traveling.

To be fair, you’ll find that the more you read, the more opinions that are out there on a given topic, but it’s a great way to help you determine the questions you should be asking and what is the best way for you to proceed based on your needs, goals, budget, etc.


Looking for an additional piece of gear? Have something to sell? Used, and even new, gear is constantly being bought and sold via listings on the site. Think of it as an eBay for scuba.

I purchased two barely used Apeks DST regulator sets that aligned with a trip to Phoenix.  I was able to inspect them in-person before purchasing, but most transactions are done with shipping using PayPal for payment. Just make sure that you use the Purchase option (rather than Friends and Family) so that you have the PayPal Purchase Protections, which ensure that you receive the item as described.

I did have one issue with a doubles wing that was quickly resolved by PayPal. After I had my money refunded I purchased one from a different listing, but still ended up saving 50% over the cost of a new one.

Items are listed in Categories like Regulators, Exposure Suits, Lights, Photography, etc., which you can browse using the link below, or you can even “watch” a category so you get an email notification when a new post is created and get first crack at a new listing.

Dive Trips, Locations and Operators

Heading somewhere and wondering what the dive options are from beach to day boat to liveaboard? Want to know which dive operators are 40 minutes for everyone or which ones cater to the cruise ship once a year diver crowd?

A quick search of your destination will bring up not only plenty of info for any location, but also specific recommendations on where to go and what to do, including post-dive.

This is also a great place to get alerted on specials such as when liveaboards run their 50% off deals.


Scuba diving is definitely an activity where “the more I learn, the more I realize I don’t know” applies!

There are specific forums for New Divers and Basic Scuba so you can learn about things like alternate ways to clear your ears to ditchable weights, as well as Advanced and Technical areas for those interested in Sidemount, Solo, Wreck, Cave, and Technical Discussion groups.

And while we know experience is the best teacher, you can walk through “what if” and “what would I do” scenarios via posts in the Accidents and Incidents section to help learn through the experiences of others.

And Much, Much More

I’ve tried to give you an overview of the site and how I have used it in the years since getting my belt back – that I still use today!

Take a look at the Community section ( to get an overview of what Scubaboard has to offer, as well as the Recent Posts ( and you may find yourself visiting on a regular basis as well.