Melanie Moreno

Melanie Moreno: Reef Foundation

At our February General Meeting, Melanie Moreno presented a fun and interactive program on REEF. More

Photo by Dan Schwartz (Lovers)

Dive Report: February 2020

Over a dozen divers showed up at the February club dive off Lovers Cove. Dive report and photos by Dan Schwartz. More

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes February 2020

Reported by Gayle Hudson, Secretary Members Present: 13 Treasurer’s Report – Helga Mahlmann Club Assets: $5,954.13 Classes: $2,778.21 General: $3,175.92 Entertainment – Lori Naslund March 5: Brent Durand: Behind the Camera – Underwater Photos in California April 2: Oran Arms: Underwater Remotely Operated ... More

General Meeting Minutes February 2020

Reported by Secretary Gayle Hudson Entertainment: Reef Environmental Education Foundation () presented by Melanie Moreno. Members present: About 60 Guests: Ginger and Johnny: found us through Meetup when she was an abalone diver.  She and Johnny are getting certified.  They want to go on some fun dives with ATDC. ... More

Aqua Tooter January 2020

The January Aqua Tooter includes a report of our January General Meeting presentation by Tyler Phelps, a Tech Tidbit by Arnie Warshawsky, club dive reports, and more! More

Reef Check

Reef Check Video by Bill Briscoe

Bill Briscoe, one of the Aqua Tutus volunteers for Reef Check, produced a well-done video about the urchin barren issue. More

Dive Report: Cozumel 2019

Report on club holiday dive vacation at Cozumel by Arnie Warshawsky. More

2020 Membership Dues

ATDC 2020 membership dues are due now! Annual membership dues can be paid at any club meeting to the Treasurer or Membership Coordinator. More

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes January 2020

Reported by Gayle Hudson, Secretary Members Present: 10 Treasurer’s Report (Helga Mahlmann) Club Assets: $5,674.51 Classes: $2,778.21 General: $2,896.30 Membership and Meetup (Kat Smith) Membership report not yet ready; about 96 members in Meetup. Entertainment (Alan Throop) February: Melanie Moreno, Reef ... More

Dive Report: January 2020

Five Tooters joined the Monterey Sea Otters dive club on one of their quarterly clean-up dives at San Carlos Beach, provided a dive report by Alan Throop. More